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Hi Mate


I'm asking same questions on here.

I originally went to petron for a quote, but I was clear he is only interested in the £20k + orders.

They isn't many left to chose from, so it's between Tranter & Ecco, I think Tranters will charge bit more then Ecco, so it's down to personal preference, maybe ask someone who has had one from both.

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Personally I believe seriously yourselves. Or a local tradesman. Any one with a bit of savvy regards being able to cut a bit of timer and able to screw in a screw or bolt.

Personally I think it is far better then to build a good frame and cover in Plastic cladding. Use any board for the inside.

Measure and draw up the plans with the person, or for yourself.

Many seem to have a bad name. Plus after service. Pay for the goods up front and then after job completion ... when the roof etc. has proven to be adequate and not letting in the rain etc.

I'm useless at such ... but have built 5 now.

Local demolition site were very good sauce too.

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