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Tilbury South Road Fc

demolition man

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Tilbury South Road FC


LYNDHURST 11/04/15 Flown with the Thames north & eastern counties


1st Bernie McDermott VEL: 1843.2

2nd Martin Jones VEL: 1808.0

3rd Dave & Gary Heywood VEL: 1801.1

4th M/M Steve Wakerly VEL: 1786.2

5th M/M Steve Wakerly VEL: 1785.9

6th Ernie Dickens VEL : 1763.0


Tilbury South Road FC


BEDHAMPTON 11/04/15 Flown with the M11 :emoticon-0157-sun:



1st Dave & Gary Heywood vel : 1590.0

2nd Dave & Gary Heywood vel :1589.4

3rd Steve Adcock vel : 1579.6

4th Brin Thomas vel : 1569.9

5th Brin Thomas vel : 1568.3

6th M/M.Steve Wakerly vel :1561.9


Well done all :emoticon-0137-clapping: and a Special Congratulations to Dave & Gary who also topped 1st & 2nd M11

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Well done Bernie!!! Any details on the winner?


Hi Ryan


To be honest mate no! He's a stray came into me as a baby from the ace partnership of Woofe Bros, Ollerton they sent it by mistake to a race as a late bred without training I reported it and they asked me to try it, I know its full brother to federation winners across the channel.


Regards Bernie

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Lyndhurst 02/04/15 WIND ESE Flown with the Thames North & Eastern Counties


1 D. Coward-Talbott 1194.860

2 D. Coward-Talbott 1193.973

3 A Mackenzie 1185.309

4 D. Coward-Talbott 1185.172

5 A Mackenzie Til 1182.483

6 A Mackenzie Til 1180.403


Well Done all :emoticon-0137-clapping:

well done all :emoticon-0137-clapping: :emoticon-0137-clapping:

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