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What A Girl

Ian McKay

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Babybird is planning to hold a sale for this delightfull young lad to give him the best chance of developing his legs for walking


For those that don’t know, Babybird is Seona Burgess partner of Andy Burgess on the site, They met through the site as Seona had birds of her own before she met Andy, she is quite a remarkable young woman with a heart of gold having three children, working at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh in the stroke unit and tending to Andy, as we all know he does not keep good health and has under gone heart surgery which he is at present recovering from, she also trained and raced the birds (2014) during Andy’s illness with all this on her plate she still wants to help others.

Seona was nominated for PB fancier of the year but as it was results based it could not be accepted now as some would have liked Seona to be included this is your opportunity to support Seona in her quest to help Sebastian


We need donations be it birds or goods to sell on PB some fanciers have already started to speak to friends to get youngsters to help Seona with her quest she would like to make £1000 but I think with your help we can double that so over to the members for your help


Donations to Ian McKay or Babybird / Andy Burgess by PM or E-mail or post on here


Sale will be held on Basics after Blackpool


Hence the sale will be for


Seb’s Legs


Raising funds for life changing surgery

Seb has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Diplegia. He has difficulties with

muscle control, balance and coordination. Spasticity in his legs makes them stiff and rigid so that simple things such as crawling, cruising and even sitting, are very difficult for him. He cannot stand or walk independently. His life will be full of immense physical challenges and frustrations.


About Seb




Despite this, Seb is a happy, fun loving little boy. He is bright and

incredibly determined. He is very sociable, has the most beautiful

smile and a wonderfully infectious giggle. He melts hearts wherever

he goes and leaves smiles on their faces. He had some complications

at birth, but his type of Cerebral Palsy is typical of children that areborn prematurely so it is likely that he suffered his brain injury during pregnancy. He has a non-identical twin brother Solomon and together they get up to all kinds of mischief, just as all toddlers do. The physical difference between them though is huge and this is having a profound effect on both of their childhoods.


Life changing surgery


Seb’s family and friends are raising money for him to have

a life changing surgical procedure, called Selective

Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), which removes or significantly

reduces the spasticity in patients’ legs allowing more

normal movement and a chance for a more normal life.

SDR is fairly new in the UK. At present only a small

number of children are able to recive this surgery on the

NHS and the waiting lists are very long. The St Louis

Children’s Hospital in America are world leaders in this

pioneering surgery. They have been performing this

surgery at the level of a single vertebra since 1991 and

have transformed the lives of almost 3,000 children. Seb’s

family need to raise £70,000 which will cover the cost of

his surgery in the States, his intensive recuperation and

prolonged physiotherapy, and any medical equipment he

may need. The family are planning for Seb to have his

surgery in the Spring/Summer of 2016, when Seb will be

three years old.

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i dont know where Mrs Burgess (Babybird) gets her energy from running a home , looking after the children (and me) besides holding down a job .Seona has reached out to help others too ,Seb needs help , she has stood up to the task , a heart of Gold you might say .if you can help by donating or bidding ,please do so .

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Great chance to help little Seb, Ian please include myself for a pair of young birds ready April/ May.







Gareth won Pigeon Basics Fancier of the year and a prize of £100 to a charity of his choice he has now instructed me to give it to the Seb Legs fund





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