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Pigeon Basics Annual Show Information / Winners 2014


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Pigeon Basics Annual Show , It's that time again to take the camera to the loft and start taking some photo's for our annual show . The show will be 'FREE OF CHARGE' however there will be 3 cards for each class 1st 2nd and 3rd and a trophy for best in show and Cemetery aka Dougie has now added a prize of £50 and The Fifer Archie Herd also £50 making best in show £100 , Cards and Trophy will be presented at Blackpool show at the Arena Hall 1'o'clock prompt on the Saturday 17th January 2015., remember this is supposed to be a bit of fun and classes have been made to suit most fanciers. Dates below are for the closing date for entry's and when the winner of each class is to be announced .

Class 1 Raced old birds cock up to 200 miles

1st 9 Columbo with 12 votes

2nd 11 Basin View with 9 votes


3rd 12 Clockman With 6 votes

Class 2 Raced old birds hens up to 200 miles

1st 16 Gareth Rankin 13 votes

2nd 17 Clockman 12 votes

3rd 9 Basin View 11 votes


Class 3 Best Sex Raced Up to 200 miles from Class 1&2

1st Class 2(16) Gareth Rankin 6 votes

2nd Class 1 (9) Columbo 4 votes

3rd both had 5 votes so my vote was cast to Class 2 (17)

2nd 17 Clockman 12 votes

Class 4 Raced old birds cock 201 to 399 miles

1st 1 Columbo with 15 votes

2nd 17 Derek Hay with 6 votes

3rd 11 Gareth Rankin with 5 votes

Class 5 Raced old birds hens 201 to 399 miles

1st 7 Clockman with 16 votes

2nd was a tie with 1 & 17 my vote goes to 17 Shasha with 6 votes

3rd 1 Columbo with 5 votes

Class 6 Best Sex Raced Up to 201 to 399 miles Class 4&5

1st 7 Clockman with 22 votes against

2nd 1 Columbo with 15 votes

3rd 4 Derek Hay with 26 votes against 5 with 11 votes

Class 7 Raced old birds cock 400 miles plus

1st 7 Derek Hay 28 Votes

2nd 1 Clockman 25 Votes

3rd was a tie between 2 and 8 so my vote

goes to 8 Derek Hay 7 votes ( including mine )

Class 8 Raced old birds hens 400 miles plus

1st 2 Clockman 33 votes

2nd tie 1 &6 4 votes, 6 Derek Hay gets my vote

3rd 1 Chichi 4 votes

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Class 9 Best Sex Raced 400 miles plus 7&8 1st 2 with 26 votes against 1 with 12 votes Clockman

2nd 1 Derek Hay

3rd 4 with 40 votes against 3 with 3 votes Clockman

Class 10 Raced young birds cock any distance

1st 7 Basin View 11 votes

2nd 15 Derek Hay 10 votes

3rd 9 Basin View 5 votes

Class 11 Raced young birds hen any distance

1st 19 Clockman With 22 votes

2nd 11 Maverick With 8 votes

3rd 7 Alf With 3 votes

Class 12 Best Sex Raced young bird any distance from 10&11

1st 2 Clockman With 31 votes against 1 with 11

2nd 1 Basin View

3rd 3 Derek Hay With 28 votes against 4 with 14

Class 13 Racers / unflown Any age Cock

1st 10 Basin View with 8 votes

2nd was a tie both with 4 votes so 7 gets my vote Basin View

3rd 11 Basin View

Class 14 Racers / unflown Any age Hen

1st 21 Clockman with 15 votes

2nd 20 Columbo with 2 votes

3rd 4 tie 2,4,5,8 4 Basin View gets my vote

Class 15 Racers / best sex unflown Any Age from 13&14

1st 2 Clockman with 22 votes against 1 with 11 votes

2nd 1 Basin View

3rd 4 Basin View with 22 votes against 3 with 11 votes

Class 16 Show pigeons Any Sex

1st 3 Byron 11 votes

2nd tie between 2 and 4 both with 5 votes my vote goes to 4 OldOwl

3rd 2 Byron

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Class 17 Best in show ( Excludes unflown and show pigeon classes )

1st 4 Clockman With 25 votes

2nd 3 Clockman With 19 votes

3rd 1 Gareth Rankin With 13 Votes

Rules :

All entrants for each class must be posted to Thelivingmanmark@aol.com or via pm when stated that class photos are been collected . All photos must be natural photos within a loft setting with no editing or background colour other than otherwise would of been captured by the camera it's been taken with . Photos should be submitted with the Class number on one class at a time per email. No voting on your own birds will be allowed . All votes are at the discretion of myself and the admin team . Oldyellows vote will be withheld in case of a tie situation and will cast to decide winner or will elect another to decide . On your email application please state your Pigeon Basics screen name .5 Entry's per class per member . I hope I have made it simple and easy to follow any questions feel free to pm me :) Please don't use Photo's of birds that have or are going to be used on other sites shows as this will invalidate your entry as will be able to identify your entry , by all means use a unique photo for this show it can be the same bird


all names will be added on 13th January :)

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When you say loft setting, can you go into more details please as many professional photographers now use a Standard widowhood box situated in their customers lofts and was wondering if this is acceptable?


loft setting I.e could be on a landing board in a box on a perch not in a photo box or a professional photograph

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I suggest you have a look at the last show to see old photos :)


Can it be in an aviary

yes as a part of a loft so it is within a loft setting not that of a photobox / professional

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As there is a few members on the site that don't keep racing pigeons is there any chance of a class for fancy pigeons


When previously doing these shows there weren't enough show birds to have a class , but if enough pm me with breeds they have I will consider having a fancy bird class or classes :)


I hope I have made it simple and easy to follow any questions feel free to pm me :)

EMPTY YER PM BOX,smile.gif

mines empty perhaps it's yours that's full lol ;)

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Hows it going ???? well I have to sift through loads of emails to find emails I need . Then I have to further sift through the numerous photo's I've been sent because people can't follow simple instructions only one class is open and I'm receiving emails with multiple classes which balls up the process of downloading one class at a time and saving the photos as you can imagine !!! So if by any chance their is photo's missing that's because that class weren't open grrrrr !!!!!!

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Apologises I'm running a little late class 2 will be on as soon as I've sorted it out . The reason I'm late is my grandma died this morning aged 88 . So I've spent today and no doubt a lot of time to come sorting the house and and stuff and the funeral , so please bare with me the show will go on ;)

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