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Uddingston & District Homing Club

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Due to major club room floor repairs being urgently required, members and top fancier friends have donated pigeons that would grace any loft in the land, This is your chance to purchase pigeons from national winners and top performance pigeons.

Sale to be held in Newmains pigeon club premises Manse Road Newmains on Sun 14th December 2014. Viewing 1pm sale starts 2pm



Lot. 1 WL.Bilsland Ayton SU14 2794 BL CH Sire NL07 1370783 son off “DON LEO†Eijerkamp Van Loon, (see pedigree) Dam NEHU2013BOR453 BL CH Vandenabeele (see pedigree) 4th sect 4th open SNFC Leicester 2013, 170thopen SNFC Buckingham 2014, 1st sect 1st open SNFC Maidstone 2014


Lot. 2 M.Stevenson Uddingston, SU11L8053 RD GRZ direct son off SU08L13244 BL PD “UNCLE ALBERT†1st open Lanarkshire fed Ypres 2010 vel;1065(not duplicated into SNFC, would have been 1st sect,15th open if entered), Dam SU08L12394 RD GRZ (stock)off SU05L12996 Red,7th sect, 41st open SNFC.Alencon 2007 and SU00L17032 GRZ 1st sec 8th open SNFC Clermont 2002



Lot. 3 JJ Hood Milton of Campsie, Dk Ch Hen, Sire “ALTONS HONEST BOY†SNFC SILVER AWARD winner(winning in SNFC 4 times including 5th sect Clermont 2011). Dam “ROSE OF ALTON†SNFC SILVER AWARD winner (including 2nd sect Alencon 2013)



Lot 4 J Cullen Uddingston SU14L5429 BL CH off SU11L8073 BL CH (Stock from SU06L17039,son off 1st sect 2nd open SNFC Tours 619mls x SU07L14549 Blue 2nd sect 5th open SNFC Alencon 2009 540mls,Dam SU06L17035 Son off “THE CRAZY COCK†4 x SNFC PRIZE WINNER X SU05L12616 BL CH,half sister to 1st sect 2nd open SNFC Tours, she also won 14th sect 65th open SNFC Alencon 2007



Lot 5 McCormick and Hughes Uddingston,SU14L,Busschaert Sire “ELGAROO†3 X 1st club 3 x 1st Fed 1st Combine 1st FCC 1st DCC plus other positions, Sire of RPRA category ‘A’ region award, Dam “DAVY’S HAT-TRICKâ€,RPRA AWARD winner, 1st club,1st Fed,1st Combine Wansted Flats,MULTIPLE PRIZE WINNER†see details on pen



Lot 6 T Blair Stirling, Full brother/sister to 1st sect, 1st open SNFC Maidstone 2013 a Herman Cuesters



Lot 7 W Graham Uddingston choice of a latebred or older pigeon from Sire SU06L16848 BL CH PD,1st sect 11th open SNFC Tours, Dam BLUE hen very best of D.Donaldson Glassfords Gold and Silver award winning pigeons



Lot 8 J Cameron Uddingston SU14L5017 CH hen, Both parents bred by D.Impett, Blackpool, pedigree on pen, one hen from this pairing won for McCormick & Hughes 1st club 5th sect 10th open Lan fed Bedhampton 364 mls then 2 weeks later 1st club 2nd sect 13th open Lan fed Ypres 448 mls 2014



Lot 9 J Duthie Dundee,SU14DF2891 BL CH Hen, Sire SU06DF330 “BETTER STILL†1st sect 1st open SNFC GOLD CUP ALENCON, Dam SU11DF857 CHEQ PD 1st sect 1st open SNFC GOLD CUP ALENCON 2013



Lot 10 D Young & Dtr Uddingston,SU14 7481 BL W/F Direct from SU11L5237 BL PD hen,2nd sect 10th open SNFC Clermont, Sire bred by G Rankin Larkhall, direct son off “Marciaâ€



Lot 11 WL Bilsland, Ayton SU14 2685 CH Sire “NEHU2012BOR2685 “SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME†Vandenabeele 1st national cock 2nd open SNFC Maidstone 2014,arrived first but ETS ring failed to register also 49th sect SNFC Newbury 2013. Dam SU13L 9497 2ND OPEN SNFC Buckingham 2014,Vandenabeele bred by J&N Barlow Vandenabeele stock



Lot 12 Mr & Mrs D.Elliot Newbigging SU14 7179 MLY , Sire GB06 53417,G.Sire GB05S58893,1st Sect, 12th open SNRPC Cholet 607 mls,2nd sect, 8th open St Nazaire 590 mls Dam 26th sect 101st open Clermont,7th sect 206th open Clermont,1st sect 9th open Falaise,8th sect, 59th open Reims, Dam of 7179 sister of “NEWBIGGING LASS†1st sect 1st open SNFC GOLD CUP MESSAC 2011 Full pedigree on pen



Lot 13 D Allison BurnbankSU14L 12969 RD CH cock its sire Yearling Red cock flew SNFC Maidstone and is from a MLY cock bred by Davy Jameson East Calder from the Matt Jameson cock 4th open SNFC Alencon,this cock is also the G.Sire of Davy’s good Dark hen 3rd and 4th open SNFC Ancenis. Dam is bred by G Rankin from a Moleveld cock and a RJ Combe hen, the sister of this hen was 14th sect SNFC Clermont 2014. Dam SU11L2879 is bred from 2 R.Moleveld Jan Ardens the lines of N.Volkens & S.De jong, this hen was 3rd sect 8th open Lan fed Wollaston yearling derby 2012,1st club 4th sect Otterburn 2013,60th sect SNFC Maidstone 2013 and 29th sect SNFC Maidstone 2014,she was also 1st club 4th sect 7th open 8th fed lan fed 8th sec 139th open snfc ypres 2014 currently the best racing hen in my loft..



Lot 14 GWP Macaloney Airdrie A 2015 young bird Sire will be a son off “BLACK CAVIAR),Dam Daughter off “BLACK CAVIAR†which won 1st open Lan Fed Ypres,1st sect 26th open SNFC Ypres 2013



Lot 15 D Reed Chainbridge lofts,Details on pen



Lot 16 D Mitchell & son Clarkston Direct from 1ST OPEN SNRPC Wansted Flats 2007



Lot 17 J Cullen Uddingston SU14L 5306 BLCH Nestmate to Lot 4



Lot 18 WL Bilsland Ayton, NEHU2013BOR1820,RD GRZ, Bred for stock,Sire of 51st open SNFC y/b national 2014 Sire SU12L11442 flew UNC y/b programme plus SNFC y/b Nat 2012 where it would have finished 4th open but ETS failed. Dam SU12L11371 “ISLA BLUE†1ST OPEN SNFC y/b national 2012,155th open SNFC Ypres 2014 would have been 5th open if ETS hadn’t failed, see pedigree on pen


Late addition:

John Wheatcroft is donating a bird to the sale.much appreciated


Kind donation from R.Menzies Newmains



COMMISSION BIDS AVAILABLE CALL Jim on 07949 263703 or 07811 947561

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Some fantastic birds donated here especially lot 9 off 2 x gold cup winners.its definately unique and im jealous of the purchaser...also lot 3 off 2 silver award winners, outstanding generosity from these guys...

yep lot 9 £500.00 lot 3 was over £400 great sale

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