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What's The Best Pigeons To Start Off With?

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Hi there please bear with me as I'm new to this but I just wanted to ask a question and that is I'm going to start racing next year and I was just wondering which are the best pigeons to start off with ie jan aarden,staf van reset or busschaert etc cheers


Free ones from your local club members, they will help you the most and you can cut your teeth without losing too much money.

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It all depends on what distanse you want to race ,but one thing i would say is dont get carried away with the idea the more you spend the better they will be ,all the advert you see offer you birds not guarantee winners .If you have pigeon club lined up go along ,have a chat listen to a lot of tips and advice and then use what suits you because there is a great lot of different ideas all the best to you .

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