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Scotlands First Direct Busschaerts? Part 2 BY J.BARROWS

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Posted 2 March 2013 - 03:35 AM

In 1980 1959 scored again at Averanches winning 178th section 219th Open.The sire of these two hens was Belg 75-3207087'Bamstick' and the dam was Belg 75-3207242.Unfortunately in 1979'242'struck a crane that was doing building work near Georges loft and injured herself so severly she had to be destroyed.The other pair 3207057'Puskas'and 3207284 also bred many winners,one of their best being su 78 ml 1140,2nd 65mls,3rd 65mls,2nd 150mls and 56th Open S.N.F.C. Averanches 505 miles this pair being a brother and sister mating.1140 was one of the many birds whos careers had to be cut short when George had to move his loft at the end of the 1981 season.

1980 with 3207242 had to be put down the year before George decided to cross the Busschaerts so he paired 3207087'Bamstick'to a daughter of his Dewar Trophy Winner'Burnside King'and this proved to be an outstanding pairing.This pairing bred two outstanding cocks that year su80ml5424 cheq pied and su80ml5449 pencil blue.Both these cocks were flown to Stafford as young birds 220 miles.5449 being 2nd club, beaten by loftmate.In 1981 as yearlings they both raced to Dorchester 350 miles.

It was at the end of 1981 that George was told that he would have to vacate'Colditz'as his premisis was known.I think there was more wire round his compound than there was at Saughton Prison.George's compound had his racing loft 20'x8' and an 8'stock loft,and a large office.Wherever he moved he was not going to be able to take everything with him.It was thought at that time he would have to sell up completly,as he could not find any ground to put his lofts on.Here fellow club member,Jock Wallace stepped in and was kind enough to offer George a piece of ground next to his loft,which was sited along with three others beside a railway embankment just a stones throw away from Murrayfield rugby stadium and very close to his beloved Hearts of Midlothian ,Tynecastle Park.On this piece of ground there was only room for a small loft so George had to alter his 8 feet stock loft that was going to be his racing loft from now on.

On 31st January 1982 all his stock birds and most of his race birds were sold by auction in Dalkeith Community Centre .Of the two cocks mentioned earlier 5424 and 5449 who in 1981 had been paired to the direct Belg hen 3207284 This pair of birds bred a young blue cock SU81ML783 ,which flew all stages to Stafford 220 miles which was a very bad race .This young cock which was three quarters Busschaert and one quarter Burnside King was purchased by a very good fancier from Bonnyrigg,Robert Robertson and to quote his words ''The Best £30 he ever spent''.

783 was broken to Robert's loft as a yearling but not raced,but in the following years has taken three S.N.F.C. positions, 10th section 20th Open Sartilly,500 miles'95th section 197 Open S.N.F.C. Rennes,540 miles,and 30th Open Sartilly,also missing out on the result by a yard on one occassion.

The cock George decided to retain 5424 went on to be known as the ''Watchman''and has won a Gold Award in the S.N.F.C.for the following performances .1982 123rd Sartilly 164th section 266th Open Rennes .1983 20th section 70th Open Dorchester 1984 92nd section 197th Open Rennes ,1985 15th section 15th Open Sartilly2,this cocks performances are all the more meritorious for in 1984 George had to move again so his last two positions were gained to another location,and again flying to a different locations and each time to a different loft.

In 1986 the ''Watchman''was retired after being picked up in a field by a farmer in the North of England,shot in the legs.This has left him with a limp,but has not stopped him exercising or breeding,as a son of him has won for Andrew and Jim Kerr of Dalkeith 162nd in this yearsvery hard Rennes race.It should be remembered that the three remaining direct Busschaerts were also sold at that January sale and have continued to breed winners rite up to the present time notably for Colin Harrison,in the writers opinion the best and most successful fancier in Norwich.In fact Belg 75-3207284 is now owend by Colin Harrison and one son has won three firsts and topped the Federation.284 has bred many winners for others.I often wondered if George Wilson had concentrated on these Busschaerts just how much winning he would have done,because he never in any year except 1977 took more than four youngsters from each pair. 1977.being the exception due to the demand for his birds for charity sales after his tremendous performances of that year,and also his final year with them,in 1981 he presented most of that years Busschaerts young birds to friends.

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Posted 12 January 2018 - 20:54 PM

heres part 2 :pidge:
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Posted 12 January 2018 - 21:59 PM

Another good read :)
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Posted 12 January 2018 - 22:16 PM

Another good read. :)

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Posted 13 January 2018 - 11:57 AM

yes very interesting those threads, taking us back a bit, good reading




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