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Lanarkshire Fed Presentation Night

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yes it was good night a beer with the pals and saw some friends had not seen for a while budgie big joe and met tam richardson a guy with some fantastic results and seems a nice guy and knows what he is talking about when he talks pigeons nice to have met you tam colected another two trophys taking my tally to sixteen for the season plus twenty fed positions least i have something to look at for my seasons work last year i won seven national tickets but it felt like i had done nothing i will strive to do both next year best layed plans of mice and men springs to mined ill do my bit then its up to the doos

Well done again ma old pal how many young yins am I getting this year :emoticon-0136-giggle: :emoticon-0136-giggle: :emoticon-0136-giggle:

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I was dissapoited not to see more people at last nights doo i thought we would have had a lot more people there after the turnouts at both the last AGM/EGM's and the work that has been done to take the fed forward lately...


you never know Alf next year you might have STB, DELBOY AND NOVO 10 IN THE LANARKSHIRE FED just need the invite at the right time and if we keep getting people to join we might be able to be a combine of note for the last few years of the pigeon game then we would have bigger turn outs at the dances and presentations once more

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Guest Gareth Rankin

Great night Big Gareth aff the drink but somthing has to be done about the replica trophies its money down the drain and yer Granny widnae allow them on the sideboard.Gold medals for topping the Fed which is some feat in itself and Silver for the other Sect Winners.

Agree, these plastic section trophies get worse looking every year, gold medals might be a good way forward and possibly better value for money.

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