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Pigeonbasics Bird Of The Year old bird 2012

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thanks for all entrants there was 12 in all,



  • Hi my friend,
  • all the pigeons you mailed to me has excellent performances.
  • It was very hard to make a choice, but finally I came to a result.
  • Number 1 for me is: SU 10 AF 3246 BLUE COCK
  • Number 2 for me is: GB 08 N13462 CHEQ COCK
  • Number 3 for me is: SU 08 P1312 CHECKER COCK
  • Please give all the fanciers who has send you the performance of their birds my congratulations for their good results.
  • Best regards
  • Hugo Kipp,


  • THE WINNER, flyin fifer PRIZE £50
  • BLUE COCK SU 10 AF 3246, pigeonbasics BIRD OF THE
  • YEAR 2012
  • performance
  • Ridsdale 114miles 996birds 1st Club 1st Federation
  • Wakefield 214miles 809birds 2nd Club 3rd Federation
  • Leicester289miles 415birds 1st Club 1st Federation 7th Grampian Combine
  • Maidstone 402miles 3442birds 1st Club 1st Federation 3rd Grampian Combine 4th Section 13th Open SNFC
  • Ypres 466miles 1707birds 7th Section 91st Open SNFC


  • RUNNER UP LBuddle prize £25
  • GB08N13462 Cheq Cock
  • **2nd Open BICC Pau International 544 miles &
  • **7th Open EECC Pithiviers 209 miles.


3rd prize quando prize £10

  • SU08P1312 Checker Cock
  • 12/5/12 Thirsk 132 miles 3rd club 223 birds 5th fed 2036 birds
  • 26/5/12 Newark 214 miles 1st club 224 birds 5th fed 1812 birds
  • 2/6/12 Newark 214 miles 3rd club 24th open 824 birds
  • 25/6/12 Maidstone 356 miles 1st club 1st fed 4th region 4th open SNFC 3442 birds

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THE WINNER, has been put in the winners gallery on site



Loch TummelLoch Tummel 078 (800x600).jpg

RUNNER UP, has been put in the winners gallery on site

Here is a Photo of "Lucky" the runner up of Bird Of The year 2012Resized to 94% (was 320 x 240) - Click image to enlargehttp://i1042.photobucket.com/albums/b430/LBuddle/Pigeons/Lucky.jpg

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