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posting pics on site

just ask me

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as you can see on pic 3 there should be a miniature pic of the picture you are posting also you will see the type of file i am using jpg its on the end of the file name i think this works better on forums than bmp etc



but the most important part is where the highlighted area is again click here hopefully now your post should be uploaded


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the gallery may be different mate ill look into it


Thanks. My main problem is that when I try to actually create a gallery (not upload the pics - that's the stage after, I assume) it doesn't allow me to do it. It just gives a message saying: "The following errors were found, please correct them: You are not allowed to post images in this category so there is no reason for you to create an album in it"



The way I'm going about it is... I go into "My profile", click on "Edit my profile", click on the "Gallery" tab, then in the "Your Albums" section it says: "Click here to create your first album!"


I click & it takes me to a window where it asks for album name, description etc. but then it just gives me the same message over & over again, denying me from creating a gallery to store my pictures in...


All help is much appreciated! Where am I going wrong?




Got it thanks lads.......

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still having problems with this im doing browse this file was to big to upload how do you resize cheers.



sign up to Photobucket i have all my photos on there as if your computer gets a virus or something like that at least you know your photos are safe


on Photobucket you can re size your photos http://photobucket.com/

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