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How to sell on PB AND CHARITY SALES - amended Guidelines, Rules etc

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How to sell on Pigeon Basics Posted 10 December 2009 - 18:43 PM AMENDED 12/12/17

Update 12/12/17


Breeder Buyer sale can advertise names

UPDATED 10/03/16


Pigeonbasics will now operate with a Gold Membership for people wishing to sell on the site.


Selling Options


1/. A one off payment of £20.00 for One year's gold membership to the site - This allows the gold member unlimited sales of his own Birds/items (14 days each sale) on site in that period. contact FIFER for details





2/., For those wishing to just sell the odd item (members one off sale) the cost is £20 per advert no additions can be put on once a sale has been posted,and to last no more than 10 days contact FIFER for details ,


3/. Miscellaneous items up to £30 per sale. FREE (no Birds)to run no more than 10 days, those items can be posted on the (free misc items for sale board) http://forum.pigeonb...for-sale-board/






4/. FREE club/Fed funds sales. once permission has been granted you can start your sale on the Club Fed funds board. dates to be notified in advance, clubs/Feds responsible for conduct of sales etc, and for money and dealing with sponsors and buyers, the site is not responsible for these sales, auctions/sales will last for 10 days, organisations to nominate ,member/ members to run sale


5/. All OFF SITE sales advertised on site( amended 31/1/18) showing venue and lists of birds FREE (this is club/fed venues,not charities and not other sites or groups no links or sales to other sites or facebook allowed, ) to be put on the Off site sales board,after being approved, by admin,



6/ Members wishing to sell for others (must first get permission from ADMIN) £40


7/ fund raising events, charity sales and on-line competitions, Bereavement Sales etc to be approved by ADMIN The Fifer , these include bird swaps breeder buyers one lofts / in some cases a fee may be charged.

All post / threads containing links of outside sites that are posted and deemed as advertising or selling will be removed without warning ,

Members holding ,charity or other sales,it will be the responsibility of those holding the sale and buyers for those sales, the site will not be responsible ,

ADVERTISERS, once passed by admin, your details will be posted, your site details will be allowed but no links to other sites or facebook will be allowed,



payments can be made by the following methods -(contact FIFER)

Pay pal,to forum@pigeonbasics.com (Choose send money to friends or family to avoid incurring a charge )



- Cheque made payable to Pigeonbasics.com - Please contact Fifer for postal address.


Selling Rules and conditions


- Gold members/one off sellers are not permitted to sell Items on behalf of another member (or non member)


- Items placed for sale on the boards by anyone other than gold members or one off sellers will be removed without notice.


- Any thread the Admin or Moderators deem to be advertising will be removed without notice - This includes third party ads.


- We expect you to conduct yourself with honesty and integrity at all times, and with every interaction with other members that you make.


- After posting items for sale you are expected to check your topic and/or PMs regularly to deal with enquiries, if you suspect you will be offline list a telephone number for your items.


- Non Gold Members known to be selling via the Private Message function will have their PM facility removed.

Gold members must have sales on site,


Additional Information we require from you


We require further information to process your application to become a gold member on Pigeon basics - This information is -


•Your Full Name


•Flying/Member Name


•Full Address




•Email address


All information will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act - we reserve the right to release the information in exceptional circumstances to the relevant authorities or to a buyer in the case of an unresolved dispute.


Buyers and Sellers are responsible for there own selling and buying on Pigeonbasics.com - We do however reserve the right to withdraw gold membership for poor selling conduct.

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