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Newcastle United

Tony C

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as far as i know the contract for any manager coming in is crap as in stipulations on results etc i know these are in most contracts but its usually a win bonus :emoticon-0140-rofl:


I heard the day that an agreement was in place with Ashley that he would get a long term contract and NO MATTER WHAT he won't get sacked and he won't walk. I can only see tears coming!!

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Alan Pardew accepts it will be difficult to win over the players and fans after replacing Chris Hughton as Newcastle United manager.

http://img.skysports.com/10/12/218x298/Alan-Pardew-Press-Conference-Newcastle-United_2539346.jpgPardew: Difficult task


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rumor is contract for any manger going in was crap loads of holes for Ashley to work his magic lol i wish the club and the fans well but the man is a numpty of the highest order

Only time will tell. we'll see this time next year

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Interesting articlehttp://forum.pigeonbasics.org/public/style_emoticons/default/emoticon-0136-giggle.gif



Goings on at Newcastle rarely shock anymore, with the club having made a habit out of stealing the headlines.


They appear hell bent on raising the bar further, though, with the goings on of the last few days setting a new precedent even by St James' Park standards.


Pantomime season, it seems, has arrived early on Tyneside, with Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias starring as the ugly sisters determined to wreck the hopes and dreams of those around them.


Ashley just can't seem to help himself. He has somehow acquired the anti-Midas touch, with everything he lays his hands on turning to something that is most definitely not gold.


Surely a man who has been so successful in the business world can see that his actions are making him few friends - and they were short on the ground to begin with.


The tension on the terraces had eased slightly following last season's successful promotion push and a steady yet unspectacular start to life back in the big time.


Ashley had slipped back into the shadows, with many supporters still keen for him to up sticks but decidedly less vociferous in their opposition to his reign than they had been in the recent past.


Perhaps that is part of the problem. Perhaps Ashley likes being centre of attention and cannot bear the thought that someone may be stealing his limelight.


Not that the unfortunate Chris Hughton was stealing anything. Widely regarded as one of the nicest men in football, the former Magpies boss often wore an expression that suggested he would scare himself if asked to say boo to a goose.


What then convinced Ashley that it was a good idea to hand Hughton his P45, a man well respected and liked by the North East natives, and draft in Alan Pardew, a man virtually no-one wants?


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Heres a couple of laments from my geordie family.



Dear Coronation Street


You got the WRONG ASHLEY



Cheers NUFC supporters club!








Newcastle owner Mike Ashley found dead in hotel room strangled with a NUFC scarf!!!!!!!!!



Carlsberg dont do Breaking news but if they did............................................

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