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Guest bigbok

Yes, they are good breeders - i use them as feeders for my fancy pigeons. Mine are also calm but i suppose it depends on how you keep them.


Lloyd :)

i had a different experiance with them as feeders they were calm enough but not dedicated enough for me i like me good old racers

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As someone relatively new to show pigeons who suddenly inherited 120 of them, I would say that how flighty they are is down to a birds own personality and how much you bother with them. I have some birds that are very jumpy and some that are lazy and shy and some that fly right up on my shoulder. If you can get them to feed from your hand it goes a long way toward building a calm equilibrium I've found. Tameness seems to travel somewhat in genetics I think. Mine showbirds seem more chilled out than the racers I've seen at local lofts, but maybe my presence had something to do with that...

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