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Blakes Loft Ventilation

Guest joshdonlan

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i took out the highest rear board all the way along the back of the shed and covered it with wire ,its my yb shed


Think that might be my next move,but being out in the open at the top of a hill it might be too much ventilation and end up being a draught.Infact a wind tunnel. :-/


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I,ve a 12ft x 6ft and a 18ft x 6ft blakes lofts, and have had no problems what so ever. I treated mine on arrival and continue to treat on a yearly basis. Like all wood products they need preserving. My 18ft loft has dowelling along the front, but i felt it was too open so i made sloping covers. The air still gets in ok, but it stops direct wind causing drafts.  :)

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I think plenty of ventilation and air circulation going through my loft, i can take the polycarbonate windows out behind the traps if i wish to do so adding more ventilation...






Good to see they can get a loft right, I spent 4 grand with them and all I got was rain getting in and resp problems till I got it rite myself, I would never recomend them to anyone and getting ride of my Blakes loft was the best thing I ever done , also started winning once it was gone >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(



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All you guys with Blakes Lofts, how do you find the ventilation? Ive got dowel doors on the front which are open all day, but i dont feel there is enough ventilation at the rear of the loft  :-/

Everyone likes different ventilation systems in there lofts.Im sure if you asked them for  specific ventilation system put in they would have done it at a price.


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