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Green Diarrhea (No Water Or Solid Bits)

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I've treated my hen for coccidiosis using harkers Coxoide.


The body weight is fine, she eats fine, drinks a lot of water.


She is feeding a youngster in the nest, the youngster is fine and is putting on weight.


I've locked the pair (hen & cock) in a large pen at the start of the breeding season, so they are already spearated from all others.


What can I do next?

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increased water intake is one of the first signs of the parvo as well


where could he send dropings to get them tested :unsure:

parvo-virus is dogs :D paramixo even ;)


heres a list of vets :)



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Guest strapper

Update, treated with canker medication and it seems to have done the trick.


i dont think the greenish watery droppings symptoms,were likely to be canker.

the watery droppings most probably were of a digestive disorder.nutrients passing through the body without being absorbed by the body.

excessive thirst can indicate worms of some sort but saying that... it can indicate several other problems...worms being the easiest problem compared to the others.


if a problem occurs its always best to have the droppings tested asap...know for sure!

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