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birmingham rollers


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Guest grizzler

dont think it really matters that they are flying with the racers,but my rollers fly on there own. are they competition rollers or show rollers you have?? would be able to sort a couple of cocks out for you,later in the year

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Guest ljb107


no mate not a member of a club got these 2 at the end of racing just for a bit of variety my son got excited over them at first but lost interest because there not doing as it says on the tin ;D



you should get a kit of them going, they should start rolling then.


Lloyd :)

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Just keep flying them or breed as many as you can and then let them fly. Keeping rollers involves a lot of patience along with other flying breeds. Good luck Mark and keep us updated.


Storm Rollers, what family are your rollers from. Good to see more roller pigeon keepers. I am based in Coventry

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Heard of Moseley Storm Roller, good roller man. I have few mixed families K Johnston (derby), darren deacon and few others.


I want to see which rollers turn out good. Have ordered 40 MRPC rings. Are yoy part of any roller club Storm Roller?


Good point Lawrie 20 birds in the kit is what most clubs allow in flying competition teams. Few older birds in the team is good because the young rollers will follow the old birds. Seen it with my rollers.

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Goin good mate nice to hear Daves not jacked. Hya Ally you ok mate yeh i ment Dave Moasley.


Hi Steve, all good here thanks. Last time I spoke to Dave he was talking about selling some stock doos, was a while ago right enough. Would be sorry to hear if he packed up.


How are you getting on, still concentrating on the Dewlaps? would love to see them in action one day.



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  • 12 years later...

Hi all 

Im looking to set up a pigeon loft for rollers, it’s was a hobby 20 years ago and look to go back in to it, any advise will be appreciated from loft design to pigeon selection. Look forward to hearing from experiences keepers

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