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2006 - Race 5 - Newark 26th August

Loft Manager

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After a little deliberation I sent 10 to this weeks Newark race. A couple have been sent back, and there are a couple of first timers on.













Its worth noting that the UNC have decided to move the race programme back one week, i.e we should have been going to Melton Mowbray this week, which will now be next week. Doesnt help me much as I'm due to be back in Scotland before the end of the programme now, but we'll cross those bridges when they come.


No word of a liberation from Newark today yet.

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The were heldover until the Sunday, liberated at 9:15am in a 10/15mph South West wind.


Much the same as last week surprisingly enough - first three through the door in the same order.


1. Boyd

2. Podolski

3. Figo

4. Keane

5. Miller


The competition pages and the leaderboard have now been updated (sorry for the delay).

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