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Kingslea One Loft Race Promoting Schools Sale List

Ian McKay

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2010 Charity Syndicate for Schools


I am arranging a 40 bird syndicate for 40 schools to have a fully paid up pigeon

in the Kingslea 1 Loft Race.




This race has been running for two years, with rules in place to secure the payout.

The object of this is to have the race in front of 40 schools so they can watch their

birds' progress through the 8 races and have the chance to win a total of £2,400.

I feel this is a new approach to promote pigeon racing to the children through computers

which they all have access to in schools and homes. The schools will be through out the UK.

This project means I have to raise £2,400 from donated pigeons.

My team and I are confident this target can be achieved.

Should you be in a position to help please contact me?


Conditions of sale

All purchasers will arrange collection of birds.

All cheques to be made out to K.O.L.R.

The auction will be on www.pigeonbasics.com


The sale will run from

Saturday 14th March to Sunday 15th March finishing at 9PM.

The 15 minute rule will apply.



1  Peter Virtue from Cockburnspath flying in the SNRPC 1 young bird June / July bred.

Peter results this year are as follows:

Reims. 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th Open. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Section from 536 mls.

Messac. 3rd Open. 1st Section from 561 mls

Arras. 1st, 5th, 12th Open. 1st & 3rd Section from 444 mls

Wansteadflats. 7th Open 3rd Section from 317 mls

Leicester Yb. 15th Open from 235 mls.

Truly stunning performances. The pigeon will be from Peter’s old family or from his Jan Aardens family but he is promising the BEST.


Current Bid  Â£130  East coaster



2  Tumley Lofts Stud a young bird second round Janssen or a third round Leen Boers or Aardens no need to say more than Derek and James have built up a wonderful Stud.


Current Bid £70 George Carrol


2a  Tumley Lofts Stud same as above. 1 young bird


Current Bid £60 George Carrol


3  Andy Higgins from Fraserburgh has offered a young bird from his Braspenning birds.  Sire is a full brother to "DE92" and Dam was bred by Louella. Andy is Bob McDonalds loft manager and a good flier in his own right.


Current Bid £50  Mary Becker


4  Derek Parr from Ireland has offered a pair of young birds from either his Coormans, Jos Soontjens or Karel Boeckx stock He is offering race birds or a matched pair for breeding with. Definitely a special offer not to be missed.


Current Bid £125 E & K Elliott


5  Gareth Rankin of G Rankin & son one of Scotland’s top National fliers with his dad George they are a major force in National racing.  A very special donation. 1 Young bird


Current Bid £150  Sean McGrotty


6  Jimmy Bulger has donated a 2005 Marcel Braakhuis cock and this is what Jimmy wrote. “I only ever bred 2 off him for a novice and he got both of them from over 500 miles as yearlings. I was keeping him for myself but I am pleased to give him to your charity eventâ€. What a chance to buy a cock that has bred 2 yearlings to fly 500ml.


Current Bid £50 Glen Eastoe


7  Steven Girdwood from Edinburgh has donated 2 young birds from his Micky Betts stock Jos Soontjens. Steven flies in the Pentland Hills Federation and has won 8 Fed positions in the top ten 2008.


Current Bid £40 Doubled56


8 Robbie Higgins from Fraserburgh has won the Federation averages for the last two years in the North of Scotland Federation. Flying up to 470 mls. 1 young bird from Robbie.


Current Bid £50  Bryan Brock


9  Robbie Higgins same as above. 1 young bird.


Current Bid £50  Bryan Brock


10  Geoffrey Douglas from Lurgan. Flying  in the Mid Ulster Federation and is one of the Top fliers has offered a young bird from his Peter Fox Wal Zoontjens.


Current Bid £70 Willie Davidson


11  Geoffrey Douglas as above. 1 young bird.


Current Bid £70 Willie Davidson


12  Colin Crow from Newbridge has offered something special from his Gabby Vandenabeele family.The youngsters will be from Colins first class Stock birds which are all direct.

Colin is a top flier in his area and is always striving to improve. This is for 1 young bird.


Current Bid £50  Billy McLaren


13  Colin Crow from Newbridge as above 1 young bird. Vandenabeeles at their best.


Current Bid £50  Billy McLaren


14  Alwin Paddy from Balby Doncaster. A legend in his own right offering 1 young bird.


Current Bid £100 John Lannon


15  Alwin Paddy as above 1 young bird.


Current Bid £80  John Lannon


16  John & Alex Mellor from Lepton, Huddersfield is offering a pair of young birds from their Stock birds. A very exceptional gift. This is for one young bird.


Current Bid £70 Novice


17  John & Alex Mellor as above what a wonderful opportunity to get yourself a pair of the best stock available. This is for 1 young bird.


Current Bid £70  Novice


18 Kingslea breeding Stud. A pair of young birds from a son of two one loft race winners. G-Sire Belg 06 - 6005363 Bubbles winner of the Europa Classic 2006 & £30,000. G-Dam GB-06-N-85130 Black Gold winner of the South West one loft race & £10,000. Sire GB-07-A-27800 was paired to SU-08-AB-2845 the most consistent bird in the Kingslea One Loft Race this bird also flew 310 mls in the SNFC yb Leicester National.


Current Bid £120  DJW


Ian McKay




AB15 8SL

Tel: 01224 741028



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Greater Beveren   1st Championship Yearlings

Golden Ring Competition  2nd = Silver Ring

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2006  1 x 1st  5 x 1st 10

2007  1 x 1st   5 x 1st 10

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