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Joe Murphy Article 15th June 2024

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The Joe Murphy Column


I start this week’s column with a ‘Blast from the Past’; as Margaret found an old article from the Evening Telegraph dated 9th September 1983. Which had the headline ‘Ever Heard of a Pigeon Widow?

Keeping and racing pigeons takes up so much of Fife miner Joe Murphy time, that his wife Margaret had dubbed herself a ‘pigeon widow’. ‘If I’m not down he pit or sleeping, I’m out with the pigeons’ said 36-year-old Joe, from 25 Seton Terrace Kennoway, who is to feature in a BBC documentary on the sport. His wife doesn’t mind too much, however, as she is also a keen pigeon fancier. The couple and their family were filmed about a month ago for the television programme ‘Forty Minutes’ which is to be screened next January.


This came about after the producers of the show contacted Joe, who writes for the British Homing World and is the pigeon correspondent for Radio Forth. We thoroughly enjoyed the filming, although it was difficult not to laugh with all the ‘neighbours watching,’ said Joe. My son Kevin aged 12 is pretty interested so he was shown with the birds the Murphy’s have 2 other children, Mark 15 and Elizabeth 4.


Joe has had some notable success since following in his father’s footsteps and taking up pigeon racing around 13 years ago. His racing birds have been released over 1000 miles away in Spain and have come in at very good placing in many races. As well as being on the Scottish National Flying Club committee, and race and clock convenor north of the Forth, Joe has also been involved in raising money for charity through the sport.  Spina Bifida and the War Blinded have received £1000 of pounds through these efforts.

Cloth Cap

Joe is looking forward to seeing the documentary and the picture it portrays of the pigeon fraternity. The ‘Cloth Cap Image’ is finished,’ said Joe. ‘I love it after the dirt, stoor and sweat of the pit, there is nothing better than breathing the fresh air and relaxing with the pigeons.

Great memories and here I am still writing articles for the pigeon press all these years later, great memories.


Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, for our 7th race of the 2024 which was from Melton Mowbray on 25th May, this is a distance of 229-241 miles for the members. The convoy was liberated at 07:15 in a light east wind. Winning 1st federation for the second time this season is John Dowling and loft laddie Eric Willis. They timed their 3-year-old cock flying to nest on a velocity of 1649. The bird was bred by clubmate Barry Kinnear and gifted to them as a kit of 4 youngsters for building the base brickwork for his new loft. Previously he won 5th open federation open Billericay in 2022. Sire is a son of ‘Rio Reekie’ Barry’s SNFC Gold Award winner. Returns were excellent with only the odd bird missing on the day. Thanks once again Joe, kindest regards Andy.’


Scottish Central Combine

News from Bernie regarding the Newark race flown on 25th May with the convoy of 645 birds liberated at 06-45 with No Wind at the race point. Hi Joe, hope you are well, taking the top spot is C Heeps with a velocity of 1541; H Borthwick is 2nd with J Smith in 3rd place. G MacKenzie is 4th 9th & 15th open with T & G Weir wining 5th & 16th positions. Mr & Mrs Forest are 6th with A Brown winning 7th & 20th open places. J Ferguson is 8th followed by H Rafferty; then we have Peter Keogh winning 13th 14th & 19th open places. R Henderson is 17th with M Brown in 18th spot.

Peter Keogh forwarded the following;  

Winchburgh club sent 146 birds to Newark with the Central Fed sending 645 birds. Taking 1st club 2nd fed is Henry Borthwick with an Andy McCartney Donaldson blood yearling which topped the federation from the first race of the season. This pigeon's sire also topped the fed twice in previous years for Henry.

2nd club, 5th fed is Tom and Georgina Weir with a late bred from good friend Peter Keogh from ‘Pomona Performer’ who topped the Central fed from 250 mile by a clear 15 minutes. 3rd club 12th fed is Alan Campbell with one from his Lambrecht pigeons. Peter Keogh takes 4th club 13th fed with a direct son from

‘Pomona Johnny's Bhoy’ winner of 1st open SNRPC Arras when paired to Peters SNFC Silver Award hen ‘Pomona Princess’. Would like to just further thank Peter for giving such detail on all birds and results.

Broxburn and Uphall pigeon club:

Gordon MacKenzie wins 1st & 3rd in club and 4th 9th & 15th federation; My first pigeon is from my own Gaby’s this is a steady hen for me the pigeon that is 3rd is again from my old Gaby's.

Hamish Ferguson: wins 2nd & 9th in club & 8th fed. Was a gift from a real gentleman Mr David Gullane, trained as a yb and this was its 3rd race and is flown in roundabout. Hugh Rafferty wins 4th club 11th federation; message from Hugh: ‘You Ken what they say life in the auld dog yet he's a 6-year-old chequer cock on roundabout a Gabby Vandenabeele Evan's x Hawkins bloodlines. All the best Joe from Bernie & Darcy.


Winchburgh Club went to Kettering with the Central Fed (310 birds) transported by the Scottish National Flying Club in a total convoy of 3157 pigeons. After a delayed liberation due to low cloud cover the birds were liberated at 10-45 into a light north west wind. Taking 1st club, 1st federation is Peter Keogh with a 2-year-old Frans Zwols cross late bred hen having her 6th race of the season. This pigeon wasn't in a race basket until last summer when Peter started to train his young birds and she had 3 or 4 races as a trainer thereafter. This year she has flown celibate to every federation race but was reported in Brechin from the Ackworth Moor race two weeks previous before being released on the Sunday pm after an overnight rest, when the fog cleared, to return home on her own. She looked like on oil painting on return from the national as can be seen in the photograph. Taking 2nd club 2nd fed is Henry Borthwick with a home bred Janssen based widowhood cock that has scored regularly over the years including twice topping the Central Federation. 3rd club,15th fed is T & G Weir who are having a great season with a Cameron x Bosworth natural yearling cock sent sitting 10 days at basketing. He flew the federation young bird programme and the young bird national always being steady. Peter Keogh has kindly forwarded a photo of his 1st club 1st federation winner, well done Peter on these great results.

Broxburn and Uphall Pigeon Club:

Steven & Gullane win 1st & 4th club 3rd & 11th federation; their chequer hen is a Lambrecht gifted to them by John McNeill she has previously won 16th section D 107th open SNFC Brighton & 13th Central Federation open last year.

Gordon MacKenzie wrote; My pigeon that is 2nd club 5th fed is a home bred Gaby who already has won 2 federation tickets. Hamish Ferguson is 3rd in the club and 10th & 13th in the federation. They are off a pair of stock pigeons; the sire is a son of Macalonie ‘Birthday Pair’ and the hen is a stock bird from Page Brothers of Pickering; she was trained as a yb and flown on roundabout. Cheers Joe yours Bernie’.

Thanks Joe.


Scottish Central Federation

Bernie writes ‘‘Hi Joe, This is the information from Cameron Heeps: 1st federation Newark race winner. It was a blue white flight cock flown on widowhood system. The sire is a Jos Soontjen and the dam is a Roland Janssen purchased in a kit of 6 from Davie Robert’s of Doncaster. From the Ackworthmoore race the 855 birds were liberated at 11-05 am into a light variable wind. C W Job tops the fed doing a velocity of 1308 with H Rafferty one yard behind. A Campbell is 3rd with Mark Doran in 4th place. J Ferguson is 5th with Steven & Gullane in 6th spot. P Ward is 7th followed by Grant & Harper with Martin Brown in 9th place and making up the top 10 are T & G Weir; thanks once again Joe yours Bernie’.


Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron regarding the Kettering old bird race flown on 1st June with the bird liberated at 06-00am into a light north wind, with 3 club members sending 62 birds. Taking the first two places are Charlie & Glen with 2 birds arriving together doing a velocity of 1047. Les McKay wins 3rd & 4h with A & A Shepherd winning 5th place.


North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie with the Wetherby old bird race flown on the 1st June 24; 46 members sent 604 birds these were liberated in a light north wind. The East Section had 23 members sending 329 birds. S Witherspoon of Inverurie wins 1st -6th & 8th & 10th section plus 1st x 6th 9th & 11th open positions. R Bain of Fraserburgh & District wins 7th section and open with A W Buchan of the same club winning 9th section 10th open. place.

West Section had 23 members sending 275 birds; J Able of Devern Valley club wins 1st section 8th open with R Wilson of Keith club winning 2nd 3rd & 4th section 14th 15th & 16th open. A Flett of the same club wins 5th & 8th section also 19th & 36th open. A Cormack also from Keith club wins 6th section 21st open.  R Hay & Family are 7th section 34th open with Duncan & Thomson of Keith club winning 9th section 37th open and J Jack of Elgin & District club wins 10th section 38th open.  

Clubs First Bird

S Witherspoon wins Inverurie velocity 1226.872; R Bain wins Fraserburgh & District velocity 1200.889;

J Abel wins Devern Valley velocity 1199.816; R Wilson wins Keith velocity 1182.872; Maskame & Cordiner wins Peterhead & District velocity 1146.761. A Higgins wins Fraserburgh West End velocity 1134.152.

J JACK wins Elgin & District velocity 1117.989. Well Done to T Witherspoon on topping the federation also well done to J Abel on winning the West section.


Fife Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies

George Todd has forwarded the Kettering race on the 1st June with 470 birds were liberated at 06:00 in a light north wind. Club Birdage: Methilhaven 92 birds; St Andrews 18 birds; Novar & Leslie 19 birds; Lochgelly 83 birds; Dunfermline 125 birds; Crossgates 22 birds and Kennoway 111 birds.

Federation Top Ten;

1st 4th & 6th is Dave Armour of Methilhaven; with Kennoway’s Brian Kinnear is 2nd followed by St Andrews John Harcus who wins 3rd & 5th open. Tam Laing of Kennoway is 7th with son in law B Chalmers of the same club in 8th place. Stevie Ritchie of the same club is 9th with J Hynd & son of Lochgelly club in 10th spot.

East Section Top 10 are the same as above except Clark & son of Methilhaven club are 10th.

West Section Top 10 are as follows; J Hynd & son win 1st 2nd 6th 7th 8th & 10th. A Ritchie of Dunfermline wins 3rd section with club mate A Simpson winning next position and Frank Mitchell of the same club wins 5th spot. Jim Doig of Lochgelly club makes up the top 10 section positions winning 9th place.

West Section Club first birds; Crossgates won by C Buchanan with Turpie & McCord winning Novar & Leslie.


Kingdom Federation

News from Pete Penman with the result of the Kettering race flown on the 1st of June. Liberated at 6am into a north wind, this turned out to be a very difficult race. Leading the way was the loft of Lou Mitchell & nephew Darren Stonehouse with a 2-year-old chequer cock who's sire was bred by Peter Cuthbert and the dam was a Vander Wagen from John Skelton. In 2nd place was St. Serfs John Proctor with a 2-year-old blue hen sitting 15-day eggs. She was 2nd club last week and is bred from birds bought from Jock King. In 3rd place was Gary Hall of Coaltown club with a 2-year-old blue hen Herman Cusiter on roundabout. Davey Whyte of St. Serfs was 4th with a home bred 4-year-old blue cock that was chasing a fantail. Mitchell & Stonehouse were 5th with a 5-year-old grizzle cock. Sire bred by John Proctor, with the dam being bred by Jim Doig. Gary Hall was 6th with a yearling Herman Cusiter chequer cock also on roundabout. Leuchars was won by Tom Berwick with a 3-year-old, cheers once again Joe kindest regards Pete’.

Kind regards 


Central & East of Scotland Amalgamation Federation Championship 2024

From the Kettering Old Bird race flown on the 1st June. THE RULES: All Federation’s compete against each other for weekly points to be the Central and East of Scotland Amalgamation Federation Champions!

The first 5 pigeons for each of the 11 (currently) Federations/Areas in the Amalgamation placed on a list, in order of highest velocity to lowest, and score points as follows for all 3 Amalgamation races flown.

(Currently approx. 10 Federations/Areas = 50 positions). First Place 60 points; 2nd - 55 points, 3rd - 52 points, 4th - 50 points, 5th – 48 points, 6th – 46 points, 7th – 44 points, 8th – 43 points, – dropping a point for each pigeon down to 50th place – 1 point.

The points total, for each race, of each Federation’s first 5 pigeons (if 5 are timed-in and included in the result) are added together to give a Federation total for each race, and then each Federation is placed in a league table in order of points. This will be updated after each of the 3 races, until the Champions are declared after the final race of the Amalgamation series. Only pigeons above 400ypm count. Only pigeons on the Amal result count. There are only points for 50 pigeons in each race this season. Any additional rules will be added as required, if necessary, in the spirit of the event, as it develops, to improve it. This means Club/Federation rivals become Federation team-mates for this event – so...which is the best Federation in the Amalgamation on the 1st June 2024 see below.!!!!!!!

Central & East of Scotland Amalgamation Federation Championship 2024

Position Won   -Federation – Points- Velocity       Position Won   -Federation – Points- Velocity

1 D Armour                          (Fife)                             60                      1094.18                             21 N Holt (Elite North)                             30     953.80

2 I Scott                      (Angus)                             55                      1076.85                             22 A Miller (Pentland)                               29     950.04

3 B Kinnear                          (Fife)                             52                      1072.43                             23 A Miller (Pentland)                                   28     949.49

4 D Glen                      (Angus)                             50                      1068.42                             24 G Hall (KPRA)                               27     937.77

5 K Droog & Son (Angus)               48                      1067.42                             25 I Bennett (Central)                             26     935.86

6 J Harcus                          (Fife)                             46                      1064.89                             26 Maskame & Cordiner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (Elite N.)                       25     927.18

7 M Young                    (Dundee)                             44                      1064.63                             27 A Miller (Pentland)                              24     925.74

8 D Armour                          (Fife)                             43                      1063.68                             28 D Whyte (KPRA)                                                          23     924.44

9 J Harcus                          (Fife)                             42                      1053.55                             29 Mitchell & Stonehouse

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (KPRA)                              22     920.59

10 D Henderson (Dundee)             41                      1053.17                             30 A Miller (Pentland)                              21     917.03

11 C & G Cameron (Angus)               40                      1047.68                             31 D G Sim (Pentland)                              20     889.63

12 C & G Cameron (Angus)               39                      1047.53                             32 T Manger (Central)                              19     775.04

13 D Henderson (Dundee)             38                      1047.01                             33 T Manger (Central)                              18     713.74

14 G Brown (Dundee)             37                      1036.00                             34 T Manger (Central)                              17     617.62

15 D Henderson (Dundee)             36                      1013.82                             35                                                                                                                  16

16 A J Reid (Elite North)                 35                      1000.65                             36                                                                                                                  15

17 Mitchell & Stonehouse

                                 (KPRA) 34                            976.30                             37                                                                                                                  14

18 J Coutts & Son

                          (Elite North) 33        968.32                                             38                                                                                                                  13

19 I McKay (Elite North)     32                        965.32             39                                                                                                             12

20 J Proctor (KPRA)                                        31                        961.26                             40

Federation              Birdage Birdage Birdage Birdage

Almond Valley                               000                             000                             000                            000

Angus                                             198                             365                             232                             248

Dundee                                           195                             213                             196                             123

Central                                           000                             000                             080                             300

East of Scotland                             057                             008                             000                             000

Elite North                                     122                             112                             155                             106

Fife                                                 265                             755                             243                             470

Kingdom RPC                               142                             208                             137                             150

Midlothian                                     000                             000                             000                            000

Pentland                                         151                             020                             122                            022

Scottish Border                             000                             000                             000                              000

League Table for 2024 Points after Kettering;

1st Fife 508 points; 2nd Angus 430 points; 3rd Dundee 391 points; 4th Kingdom RPC 279 points;

5th Elite North 277 points; 6th Pentland 273 points; 7th Central 80 points; 8th East of Scotland 57 points.


Ayrshire Fed

News from Baz Nicol with news from federation race which was convoyed by the SNFC Kettering old bird race flown on the 1st June 51 members sent 314 birds 

Centre Section had 105 birds; winner and 1st open Ayrshire Federation is Andy McKenna of Irvine NTHS who wins the William Benson Memorial Trophy for 1st Federation (Andy is also 2nd section 3rd fed) It was a far better race with the national Joe. Andy’s winner is from a grandson of the famous ‘Wing Down’ x a sister to his Sect F winner ‘Big Ian’ who is from the best of Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone bloodlines. See photo enclosed of Andy and the 2 kids. Robert Donegan had 3 birds together and wins 3rd 4th & 5th section.  

North Section 169 birds; winners are Stirrat & McKenna of Ardeer who take 1st & 3rd and 1st Yearling picking up George Jamieson Trophy. With 2nd position going to the Hughes & Donald partnership. 4th section is Ian Cameron with J McNeil in 5th place. South section had 46 birds; this week’s winners are Cree & Cuthbert of Whitletts who are also 5th with 2nd place are J & A McDougall with 3rd & 4th to W Lawrence. Well done to one and all. 

Club Winners; Ian Cameron tops the Dalry result. Kilmarnock Invitation is won by Octavian Pacala. 

Irvine New Town is won by A McKenna. Whittlets winners are Cree & Cuthbert; Ardeer winners are Stirrat & McKenna Kilwinning winner is J McNeil. Cumnock winners are J & A McDougall; Mauchline is won by E Stewart; Darvel winners are Cowan & Findlay. 

Hunter & Dunigan Points Trophy - Leader Board; 1st Ardeer HS 12 points; 2nd Dalry HS 7 points;                  3rd Kilmarnock Inv HS 4 points; 4th Kilwinning 4 points; 4th Irvine NTHS 4 points; 6th Darvel HS 3 points; 7th Cumnock 1 point; Whitletts 1 point. 

Race Points; Lauder; Wooler; Appleby; Appleton; Stafford; Kettering; Wooler; Maidstone; Appleton; Appleby; Guernsey; Lauder; Lauder; Wooler; Wooler; Appleby & Appleby.

Name & Points;

D Howie 20; 19; 17; 20; 76 points. A Barbour 11; 15; 18, 20; 64 points. Stirrat & McKenna 4; 14; 18; 19; 55 points. I Cameron 13; 18 14; 45 points. J & S O'Hare 16; 15; 31 points. R Donegan 7; 20; 8; 35 points.

J Simpson 8; 19; 27 points. R Reid 2, 19, 21 points D Mactaggart 20; 20 points. I Noble 19; 19 points. Cowan & Findlay 6; 11,9 26 points. Benson & Cairney 17;17 points. Jim Shepherd 17; 17 points. J & A Mc Dougal 16,4; 20.16 points J Meikle 14;1; 15 points. H Pollock 2; 6, 6; 14 points. J Savage 13; 13 points. B Nicol 12; 12 points. J & C Nicol 12; 12 points. Grant & McGovern 10. 10 points. G Slaven 10; 10 points. J Shepherd 11, 8; 19 points. E Stewart 7; 7 points. D McCullen 6; 6 points. Cree & Cuthbert 5,17. 22 points. D Paterson 5; 5 points. J McNeil 4; 13;17 points. K Dudko 3; 3 points. M Smith 3 points. O Pacala 2 points. 

Almond Valley Federation

News from secretary Lynn Stewart, with the result of the Newark race flown on the 1st June with the convoy of 838 birds liberated at 09:00 hours. Taking the top honour as well as 2nd 5th 7th & 10th positions is John Hadfield of Armadale with the winner doing a velocity of 1092. West Calder’s John Bird wins 3rd 6th 7th 8th & 9th positions with Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder winning 4th & 11th positions.

Club Winners.

Armadale 95 birds; J Hadfield 1092.731, 1089.711, 1073.197, 1071.544

Balerno 48 birds; C Ross 1046.622, 1012.461, 999.834, 994.804

Bonnybridge 203 birds; V Couper 1059. G Harris 1045. B & D Halliday 1036. S Russell 1031.

Carnwath 63 birds; Thomson Bros & I Thomson 1048.967, 1011.044, S McArdle 992.671, Thomson Bros & I Thomson 990 338

East Calder 98 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1075.452, 1066.633, 1030.936, 988.579

Fauldhouse 176 birds; J Hendry 1047.563, Colligan & Hope 1016.318, 994.699, C Smillie 991.402


Pentland Hills Federation:

News from Andy Miller who writes, ‘Hi Joe, This was our 8th race of the 2024 from the Kettering race flown on Saturday 1st June 2024 the convoy was liberated at 10-45 into a light north west wind, with 44 lofts sending 470 birds liberated with the Scottish National Flying Club. This was a distance of 255-268 miles for the members. Winning 1st federation are W Kinnear & sons Barry & Brian. They timed a 2-year-old Frans Zwols hen, who has raced full programme as youngster, was unraced as a yearling apart from competing in the Xmas race at the end of last year. Flown on a system where two hens are paired to the same cock (I’m led to believe this is Brian’s team). Breeding on one side; the granddam is bred by John Gladwin from a full brother of ‘King of Rekkem’ when paired to a daughter of ‘King of Rekkem’. On the other side the grand sire was purchased direct from a Frans Zwols and is a direct son of ‘Bert’. The partnership win the Five Times a Lady Trophy for 1st National Hens. Returns were excellent Joe a very good race; kindest regards Andy.  Barry & Brian were also 9th open. 2nd open with his fancied pigeon is J Dowling also from Danderhall (see photo of bird) 3rd open is K Wright also from Danderhall. Woodburn’s Helen Aitken & sons are 4th 23rd & 28th open. K Wright of Danderhall is 3rd with the Winter Family also from Danderhall club winning 5th 6th 16th & 19th open. Their club mate A Baillie wins 7th 8th & 26th open.  Black & Robertson also from D/Hall are 10th & 30th open.  


Scottish National Flying Club

Barry and Brian win 1st section B 1st open; with J Dowling winning 2nd open section and open. My old friend Sinclair Thompson and son had a good race with 3 birds in the top 13th position. Peter Keogh of Broxburn wins 1st section D 5th open; with Kenny Droog of Forfar winning 1st section C 7th open. J & B Morgan of Lockerbie win 1st section A 11th open, with S Witherspoon of Inverurie winning 1st section G 1st north section 107th open. 1st section F 154th open is A McKenna of Irvine with 1st section E 175th open A McBurnie of Kilsyth.   


Angus Federation

News from David Liddle who writes; ‘Hi Joe, Please find the results of the federation and Forfar RPC results of the Kettering race held on 1st June as part of the Central and East of Scotland Amalgamation; Leading the way in club and federation was Ian Scott with his 3rd win of the season with a 3-year-old hen flown on Ian`s roundabout system. The breeding is HVR from Charlie Bell crossed with Busschaert from the late Bob Baldie. Ian also won the Dundee/Angus Combine and was 2nd in the CESA result. Second club and federation was Davie Glen with his 2-year-old Busschaert mealy cock notching up its third 2nd place finish of the season having been runner up at the Blaydon and Darlington races, regards, David’

The federation had 15 members sending 248 birds to Kettering, liberated at 06-00 am in a light north wind.  

Ian Scott tops the federation and also win 7th & 13th open positions. Davie Glen is 2nd & 15th with Kenny Droog & son winning 3rd & 8th places. Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club had a good race winning 4th 5th 9th to 12th 16th 17th & 20th open (they also took the first 10 places in the east section) Willie Nicol wins 6th & 19th open federation with David Liddle winning 14th & 18th open.

Club Winners; Arbroath had 3 members sending 62 birds winners C & G Cameron; Forfar had 10 members sending 172 birds winner Ian Scott; Gourdon had 2 members sending 14 birds winners D & D Hay. Montrose had no entries into the race. The Gold Ring Result is as follows; 1st Ian Scott with SU21AF2068 doing a velocity of 1013.17 winning £150.00. 2nd is Willie Nicol with SU22AF917 velocity 907.58 winning £50.00


27 Day Space Weather Outlook Table.


Issued on 3rd June at 01-20 UTC


    UTC      Radio Flux   Planetary   Largest

   Date       10.7 cm      A Index    Kp Index

2024 Jun 03     180           5          2

2024 Jun 04     185          18          5

2024 Jun 05     185          15          4

2024 Jun 06     180           5          2

2024 Jun 07     175           5          2

2024 Jun 08     175           8          3

2024 Jun 09     175          12          4

2024 Jun 10     175          10          3

2024 Jun 11     180           5          2

2024 Jun 12     175           5          2

2024 Jun 13     170           5          2

2024 Jun 14     170           5          2

2024 Jun 15     170           5          2

2024 Jun 16     170           5          2

2024 Jun 17     170           5          2

2024 Jun 18     170           5          2

2024 Jun 19     170           8          3

2024 Jun 20     180           8          3

2024 Jun 21     190           5          2

2024 Jun 22     190           8          3

2024 Jun 23     190           8          3

2024 Jun 24     195           5          2

2024 Jun 25     195           5          2

2024 Jun 26     200           5          2

2024 Jun 27     205           5          2

2024 Jun 28     205           5          2

2024 Jun 29     205           5          2

Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or log onto www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.uk www.pigeon-chat.co.uk who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland

© Compiled by Joe Murphy

 Joe Murphy with one of his winners in 1983.jpgSee Artice.jpgAndy McKenna with his winner and children.jpegBrian & Barry Kinnear Federation and SNFC Winner see text.JPGJohn Dowling Melton Mowbray Winner.jpg

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