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The Moray Firth One Loft Classic


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** Excited to announce that our new venture, The Moray Firth One Loft Classic will be open to everyone and anyone interested in entering for the 2023 season! **

** A true test of your pigeons capabilities right here in Scotland! Give the facebook page an add to keep updated as we progress throughout the year and as we go into 2023 with lots still to be announced, **








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On 9/7/2022 at 6:40 PM, Bobby4 said:

Count me in for this .


On 9/7/2022 at 7:53 PM, youngstaff said:

Will think about will speak to my mate tomorrow 


22 hours ago, Bobby4 said:

I have sent the info to my bro in south wales an he can spread it about down ther .

Brilliant lads, looking forward to a great year ahead! 👍 

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Happy to announce we're now accepting applications to enter our One Loft Race via our new website, All information and updates will be posted regularly to our site aswell as our social media's 

Any questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or message me on here, 

thanks, Lee 





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18 minutes ago, cemetary said:

Well done loon, looks great and all the best, i will keep an eye out, and spread the word who dont have access to a computer relating to this. 

Tell the auld fella i was asking for him. 

Thanks Dougie, it's appreciated pal! Will do 👍 

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12 minutes ago, grizzle09 said:

The Moray Firth One Loft Classic is proud to announce our new sponsors for 2023!

Pigeonbasics Forum

Bamfords Top Flight 



Thank you very much and we wish you the very best with this new venture 

We look forward to following progress as it happens. 

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Never before has a One Loft Race in this country offered such a diverse program offering your pigeons to overcome obstacles of Mountains, Glens, Lochs and open Sea crossings from the final along with the ever changing weather that the west of Scotland brings!


The Moray Firth One Loft Classic was formed with the idea of creating champion pigeons through extreme training and racing through out the country's toughest terrain, showing just how challenging our program is making any bird that completes it worth there weight in gold! 


Really pushing the capabilities of your pigeons to the extreme, Only the very best will succeed!




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