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Latebreds for sale for charity

Ryan Hay

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I have bred a round of latebreds (18) in total. Was planning giving some to fellow fanciers and the rest I was going to sell to raise some money for charity. The problem is I've lost my book that I wrote the numbers down on so now I don't know what is what. I'm gutted as I have just started up a sports club for kids with disabilities as there wasn't anything in the area. We've had a great response and have had 2 sessions so far and really enjoying it. I was planning using the money to buy the kids a strip or training kit so they feel part of the team. These birds should of been gone last week but was always hoping my book would turn up. Anyways what I've decided to do is if anyone is interested and are confident of picking a good doo. Come round to mine and for a donation you can select your own. I also have loads of floor grills wooden and galvanised steel if anyone is interested also a donation would be greatly appreciated. Some of the bbirds had paired for example. Son maskame Ypres national winner paired to daughter of mcdougals national winner. Son of Dale Renwick alencon section winner paired to my Guernsey section winner. Pair of jim Donaldson Barry kinnear cock paired to daughter of mcdougals Burdine gold cup section winner Alwyn Hill pair Gavin Ferguson Busschaerts etc also my sister invested a lot of money in buying birds from the 2020 RPRA one loft race auction including the ace pigeon and birds in the top 10. As you can see there will be some decent latebreds so get in touch and come and take your pick. Any donation for a bird will be greatly appreciated and will be used towards getting Deveron Adaptive Sports some kit cheers

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41 minutes ago, budgiebill said:

morning Ryan I would be interested in some floor grills if you still have available you can call me on 07588480372 cheers 

No probs just away to work . Give me a phone after 5 cheers 07917004037 thanks. Still got wooden ones left 

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