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Racing pigeon found in South West England


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I caught a racing pigeon this morning that has been around our bird feeders for a few days.

I have tried to ID the rings but to no avail.

I have also tried to email Seamus Lehane in Dublin (as this site make reference to a letter S as identification on a  ring) but it just bounced back.

There is no phone number on either wing or on either of the rings on the bird.

One ring is pale blue plastic with no markings.

The other is silver aluminium with the markings 18 S (running top to bottom of the ring width) and 180 BENCO running around the ring.

The bird is able to fly, tame and eating grain and taking water well.

Grateful for any advice as to how to locate the owner wherever they may be!

Thank you.


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I have had contact from a chap in Wolverhampton who said the bird was his but that he had got rid if it (sold I assume he meant). His said his name name was Ben Coe. He doesn't remember who he sold the bird to either.

Closer inspection of the pigeon's wing revealed  the name 'ALAN' and a phone number something like 07591274340. The printed information is not very clear at all and is somewhat faded.

I have tried that number and several different variations without success.

Please take a look at the photos to see if it helps you to help me, ID  and contact the owner.





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Thank you Andy for your reply.

On the advice of RPRA here in England (after having no idea of who might be a pigeon fancier in my local area as all we get here are feral pigeons) I took the bird some 5 miles away and let it go in open fields yesterday morning.

I haven't seen the bird since so I am hopeful that, having been suitably fed, watered, rested and cared for in the past week it  has decided to return home!

Thanks for your interest and advice.

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