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Moray Firth Flying Club - 2022 Update


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Changes to the 2022 Race program, Membership fees and Birdage costs, 

A new program has been put together to give fanciers more distance than last year due to not getting into Ireland, The new program will give members racing out to 500 mile, There will also be a change to how membership fees and birdage costs are paid to an upfront payment at the start of the year of £200 which will cover all fees for the entire year, Membership fees at £50 and Racing fees at £150, £150 over 17 races works out at around £8 per race which should benefit the majority whilst still keeping costs down to a minimum,

Furthermore I'd like to announce that the club will be putting up a prize fund for nominated races in both OB and YB programs for the 2022 seasons. Prize money will be awarded to the top three fanciers on the open result from nominated race’s, All trophies and diplomas won in 2021 will be given on basketing night of the first race, I hope this will encourage and motivate members to look forward to the year ahead,

Feel free to get in touch for anymore info, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Cheers Lee


Old Bird Program

Dalwhinnie 16th April  
Fort William 23rd April
Oban 30th April
Tarbert 7th May
Dumfries 14th may
Kendal 21st May
Warrington 28th May
Stafford 4th June
Gloucester 11th June
Dalwhinnie 18th June
Exeter 25th June


Young Bird Program

Dalwhinnie 9th July 
Fort William 16th July
Oban 23rd July
Tarbert 30th July 
Tarbert 6th August 
Dumfries 12th August 


OBS Longest Race (Exeter)
1st £500
2nd £300
3rd £150

YBS Longest Race (Dumfries)
1st £500
2nd £300
3rd £150

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21 minutes ago, robbiedoo. said:

Well done Lee forward thinking. A  cracking way of encouraging more fanceirs to join you guys. I wish you guys the very best of luck going forward.

Thanks Robbie much appreciated pal,


3 minutes ago, grdkeith said:


I assume there is no limit on someone taking top three in a money race

Maybe should've made it a little clearer, Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 fanciers on the open result not the top 3 positions, hope that makes sense lol

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35 minutes ago, Ryan Hay said:

Looking forward to competing next year. Will you get my distances or will I need to get them lee?

Good stuff Ryan, more and more lads joining every day, this year will be bigger and better,

Dont worried about distances Il take care of everything 👍

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Hi lads,

Quick update on the Ace Flyer Awards for 2021, Result is worked out by the amount of points members amassed during the year,

There will be a trophy for 1st positions in OBs, YBs and Combined, Result is as follows and We'll Done


Obs Points
1st Davie Barrie 693
2nd Carlton Reid 258
3rd Alan Cormack 244
4th Doug Stephen 224
5th Brian Duncan 183
6th Lee Barrie 179
7th Stewart Taylor 117
8th John Cumming 106
9th Brian Stewart 73
10th Dave Bruce 46
11th Neil Christie 44
12th M. Maclennan 44
13th W. Macmorran 27
14th Simon Murray 14

Ybs Points
1st Simon Murray 242
2nd W. Macmorran 230
3rd Brian Duncan 169
4th Carlton Reid 119
5th Brian Stewart 90
6th M. Maclennan 58
7th Davie Barrie 17
8th Neil Christie 16
9th Bill Swanson 13
10th Dave Bruce 10

Combined Points
1st Davie Barrie 710
2nd Carlton Reid 377
3rd Brian Duncan 352
4th W. Macmorran 257
5th Simon Murray 256
6th Alan Cormack 244
7th Doug Stephen 224
8th Lee Barrie 179
9th Brian Stewart 163
10th Stewart Taylor 117
11th John Cumming 106
12th M. Maclennan 102
13th Neil Christie 60
14th Dave Bruce 56
15th Bill Swanson 13

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A new premises has been found for the club in Buckie and will be available to all mffc members for the purpose of basketing and results,

The club will be fully equipped to carry out marking and results with the Unikon system and Mysoft,

I'd like to thank everyone so far for your continued support the club is only getting bigger and better as time goes on with more membership this year than last,

Please don't hesitate getting in touch if you have any questions as always il do my best to answer and accommodate,


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13 hours ago, Ryan Hay said:

Am I the only person from Banff that's joined? How members are you up to?

So far Ryan,

we're upto 30 members as of today with word of more joining in February, Some I believe are planning on flying with both the Moray Firth and North of Scotland so to have 2 races in one day, what could be better! 

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