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My pigeon friend is struggling to pick the food

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My Bravado (female, semi wild, around 1 year old) have dissapeared for couple days (she s the most independent of the group) she has returned yesterday afternoon (flew onto our fourth floor and got through the scaffolding to see us), however, she struggles to properly aim at food and pick it up. I also saw her wobble a bit when she tried to turn around and she wasn't moving much after and stayed perched in one place. We have since took her into the basket and gave her water with salt and sugar (which she attemt to drink but not with much success) and a bowl of seeds (now it's in heavy container she doesn't spread it everywhere but truly fails to aim at it properly which clearly gets her really frustrated). 

She doesn't seem to have anything obviously wrong with her (no wounds, no discharge from mouth or eyes) apart from not being her usual perchy self, sitting in one spot, and clearly having some neurological issue. Her dripping are quite solid dark green with some white.

I'm in italy and my Italian isn't the best and from my initial search it doesn't seem to be a aviary vet in area, which doesn't make things easier.

Can anyone advise me how I can help her? As she attempts to eat herself I don't want to force feed her as want to avoid stressing her out, nevertheless as she make futile solo effort I'm worry she'll starve surrounded by food and she came to us for help... many thanks in advance, anais

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hello Anais , i,m sorry to say its looking a lot like paramyxo virus by description of the symptoms . i think at best , look on the internet and give yourself a better idea of what your dealing with. google how to treat it and buy treatment on line. sorry i cant be of more help.

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