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2022 young birds

Bryngwynt Lofts

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I have cultivated the Lambrecht family over many years now, and my stock team is stronger then ever.I always introduce from only the Top Breeders or racers.

In the past 4 years, my birds are responsible for over 80 x 1st Winners, including Federation Winners, Combine Winner.Results coming All over the uk England, Scotland Ireland & Wales in all competitions.
Super Lambrechts might not be the fashionable name, they have been in the UK for 25 years Winning from the word go.
Another successful season having reported the following results all over the UK.So it’s not loft position getting the results, Winners reported in England, Scotland and Wales in 2021.
2021 Feedback totals 
1st x 24
2nd x 12
3rd x 12
4th x 9
5th x 13 
Federation & Section results 
1st x 4
2nd x 5
3rd x 6
4th x 6
5th x 2
Combine results 
1st x 1
2nd x 1
3rd x 1
4th x 1 
We are again offering from our successful Lambrechts and Van Loons 2022 youngsters.

Results since 2017 yb -2021

1st x 86

2nd x 73
3rd x 49
4th x 33
5th x 25
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