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Right lads and lasses what other livestock do you have at home, I know mine's a bit different having a farm but out of interest we have 7 horses, 8 sheep, 3 dogs and about 60 pigeons, a lot considering I last raced in 1986, but I do love them, Won  My third race starting with old birds which is quite unusually but I'd had the birds for years before, do I miss racing? yes I do, after all these years, but I will always have my birds

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3 dogs here , a staffie, a frenchie , and a jack russel. around 80 pigeons . a few quail, around 60 laying hens . cream leg-bars , light sussex and silver laced wyandottes  only around 4 pairs of each of the fancy breeds which are kept seperate . all other hens range freely over 5 acres , superb tasting eggs too.

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