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22 minutes ago, DJWa said:

old format  was easy to work  , im afraid this   is 100  times  worse 

I must say I felt the same when it changed the last time.  This time I was equally as shocked, but I've given it some time and find it easier.  Don't know my full way around it yet, but give it some time and application and I'm sure we'll all learn to work it. :)

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10 hours ago, Ryan Hay said:

Nope not a clue, really confusing setup. Is it easier on a lap top as I only use my phone? Unfortunately think you will lose a lot of members due to this

It isn't any better on laptop, just hit or miss if you get what you are looking for.

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On the laptop, below the basics heading, click activity, all activity.  That will bring you to the portal.  Anything new will be highlighted in dark.  If you click Browse, forums, that will take you to all the usual threads like results, notice board, etc.  You can also browse, online users, to find out who is on.

I haven't got any further than that, but I don't think I need to.  I haven't found how to look up members if required to send a PM, but once I do, I'll post it unless someone else has before then. :)

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11 minutes ago, Joe tyre said:

Can't get the Portal either don't want to leave this site but I use a phone and this is defo confusing

Try this,  circled in red is the new access button to the Portal,  click on this and allow time for the Portal to open,  hopefully this helps.





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1 minute ago, Roland said:

Feel it is / will be good! Mind I don't use many topics, so have little problem. I'd wager too, nigh all will get together with it and appreciate the new set up and come to agree it is a good move.

The very same response to the previous changes to the site. However I can appreciate how frustrating it can be, having to learn to navigate a new set up. Especially for us older folks. But I think I have conquered it:smiling-scarecrow-329:

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Change seems to bring out the "diva" in some people, you race pigeons, you move with the times, the same with format changes on the internet, you get used to things eventually! That old saying "use it or lose it", applies to lots of things, your brain, your legs, pigeonbasics! 

Embrace change and move with it, life is too short to moan :smiling-sun:

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