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Young Birds


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Percy is only one prob,there are a lot more part to sort out before it’s to late, yes good some fanciers will take a game before it’s to late, health in the birds big issue, virus birds dropping of perches dead.Have to get together on this I think we could try and sort out some probs before going into 2022 A step in the right direction every fed in Scotland to hold meetings

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in all honesty I do not no but maybe the shu or rpra and fed committee can draw up a suggestion that we can try at the very least ....I may not be the best dooman on the forum bit I've got plenty common sence when it comes to nature ..we all blame peregrines but its not ther fault as they are doing what every other animal bird etc do in the wild and that is teach there babies to hunt and fend for themselves so if we changed the months we raced young birds there's a chance we would get less attacks as they aren't teaching.

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