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New Here And A Little Lost - Please Help

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Hi everyone, I am new and hope someone can help here.


A few days ago my husband found a young pigeon and brought it home. It was in a car park and had been there all day all fluffed up and not moving much. It also had a dried up wound on its chest, but other than this it looks ok.

By the look of it, I believe it is 25-30 days old, as he is fully formed but still has a young bird beak and few yellow feathers here and there.


I put it in a cage in a warm room, left it water and a mix of seeds. He was pecking on the seeds but mostly tossing them around. It is drinking fine.

It is very very skinny, I can pinch the chest bone between my fingers. So I started to force feed 20-30 fresh peas I grew in my garden, like twice a day. I also added a little antibiotic in the water in case the chest wound gives troubles.

A few times when touching it I felt itchy so I put ivermectin topically on its skin to kill any insects or mites it may have.


The fact that worries me is that it spends most of its time fluffed up, laying on its chest and with its head on its chest, sleeping.

It is not even bothered about me, if I get near the cage or go touch it. I would expect it to be flapping, but it doesn't.


What am I doing wrong? Should I be feeding it anything different?

I tried making a "soup" out of chicken pellets and water and syringe it in, but it ended up everywhere and the poor pigeon was terrified, I was worried I was putting it down the wrong hole as well, so I stopped.


It poops, but mostly it is water that it passes.


Please help me. I already love the poor thing and would like to make it batter so it can return to the wild where it belongs.


I can post pictures if it helps.



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then i think it is a street pigeon just let it go when ok


Oh, I see. But it is not ok :( What should I do? Does anyone know what illness it may have? It keeps spinning on itself and tilting the head backwards. It is unable to peck on seeds properly....

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Sounds like either Paramyxovirus or Salmonella / Paratyphoid. Your best bet is to notify a health professional. If it is Paramyxovirus, this has to be notified to the government by the vet.

For yourself, take all cleanliness precautions.

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