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Firstly I would like to thank Basics for allowing us to sell our birds on site. For anyone that doesn't know us, we fly in the Forfar club in Angus Federation. We have had reasonable success over the last 6 years with 24 X 1st, 22 X 2nd, 12 X 3rd and 21 X 4th at Federation level, from 50 to 500+ miles. At National level we have accrued 3 X 1st, 3 X 2nd, 2 X 3rd and 2 X 4th Section wins in SNFC and SNRPC. Our best result coming in 2019 when we were 2nd National Maidstone and also gaining a Silver Award. I have tried my best to post pictures and brief details of the birds, but please allow for some of the birds in heavy moult.

The birds are priced to sell and sold as seen.

Bids for the Siver Award Cock and 2nd National Cock are currently sitting at

Silver Award £1500 and 2nd National £1200 THESE BIRDS ARE NOW SOLD.

Phone or txt bids to 07773363406.

Bidding can start on all birds from now. Thanks.

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Lot15 Van Rijen Cock

Lot16 Jan Aarden Cock

Lot17 Frans Zwols X Andre Clemens Cock 2X 2nd Federation.* Starting bid £50.*

Lot18 Jan Aarden Cock.

Lot19 Wilf Reed Cock 25th Section 83rd Open Hazebrouck SNFC 2019 465 miles

*Starting bid £50*

Lot20 Busschaert Cock

Lot21 Wilf Reed Cock

Lot22 Jan Aarden Cock

Lot23 Pat O'Sullivan X John Ellis Cock 2nd National Maidstone 2019* BEST BID BY 25th OCTOBER.*




With the exception of birds marked** ALL BIRDS OPENING BID OF £25 BIDS GOING UP AT £5 PER BID.

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Lot27 Busschaert cock 4th Federation as YB 26Section 75th Open Roye 534 miles. Bred birds to win for others.

*Bids starting at £75*

Lot28 John Ellis cock.

Lot 29 Van Rijen cock 2X2nd & 1X 3rd Federation. Cracking cock, bred birds to win for others. Will include the hen he is usually paired to. She is a B&K Hawes Van Rijen they breed fantastic youngsters. *Bids starting at £100 for pair*

Lot30 Busschaert Hen 22nd Section 70th Open Roye 534miles. *Bids starting at £50*

Lot31 Jan Aarden cock. Latebred 2016 never raced as YB 15th Section 106th Open Burdinne 2019 531miles SNFC.

4th Section 9th Open Arras 2020 497miles SNRPC *Starting bid £100*

Lot32 Busschaert X John Ellis cock.




ALL BIRDS STARTING AT £25 GOING UP IN £5 BIDS with the exception of birds marked **

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Lot37 Busschaert cock 25th Section 133rd Open Ypres 2019 SNFC 466miles. Bred birds to win for others. Will Include the hen he is usually paired with.** Starting bid £75 for pair.*

Lot38 Wildermeersch hen. This is my original Wildermeersch Clive Yates birds. She.is same way bred as 1st Section Maidstone 2013 now used as widowhood hen.* The very best of old Wildermeersch lines starting bid £50*

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Lot 39. John Ellis X Joop Koch cock. Outstanding performance pigeon, winning his Silver Award in 2018. In 2019 he was 4th Section 10th Open Roye. Brilliant temperament cock, had it not been for my health issues I'm certain he would get his Gold Award in 2021.

He will be sold to best bid received by 21:00 on 25th October.



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Lot 1 £90 Pedro


Lot 2 £50 A suckle


Lot 3 £45 jont


Lot 4 £70 jont


Lot 5 £80 dooman


Lot 6 £60 A suckle


Lot 7 £25 Ryan H


Lot 8 ££105 Jim M


Lot 9 £75 ARTS


Lo 10 £30 Big Bill


Lot 11 £80 millhouse


Lot 12 £80 jont


Lot 13 £35 dooman


Lot 14 £105 Jim M


Lot 15 £60 abc



Lot 16 £ 30 bobandson


Lot 17 £120 Yrrab


Lot 18 £30 bobandson


Lot 19 £80 Gary H


Lot 20 £25 Ryan Hay


Lot 21 £65 Gary H


Lot 22 £30 bobandson


Lot 23 Sold


Lot 24 £25 Ryan Hay


Lot 25 £60 dooman


Lot 26 £40 Whitey


Lot 27 £140 MPB


Lot 28 £40 ARTS


Lot 29 £180 R. Wilson


Lot 30 £160 Cherokee


Lot 31 £ 260 dooman


Lot 32 £30 Rob Stait


Lot 33 £65 Big Bill


Lot 34 £35 Big Bill


Lot 35 £40 Big bill


Lot 36 £75 Ryan Hay


Lot 37 £160 J. Neill


Lot 38 £50 Highfield Boy

Lot 39 Sold

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