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The Joe Murphy Column 3/9/20


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The Joe Murphy Column



I have had a busy weekend as I managed to obtain the material required for the 2021 Year Books, so I’m a happy man. I took a trip down memory lane and went back to Langside Avenue Kennoway where I lived as a small 5 year old boy. The houses were just built and everything was a building site with everyone’s garden just mud. My dad had obtained a job in the coal mines hence the reason we moved from Dundee. I have happy memories of living in Langside Avenue and my best pal lived across the street and we still keep in contact to this day, although he now lives in America. We have visited each other over the years and often talk about our times living in Kennoway. The house next door to my pal’s old house is where this year’s 1st open SNFC Maidstone winner Brian Chalmers lives. Plus there is also another connection Margaret and I moved back to Kennoway to live in December 1970 and joined the club the following year and one of our club members was Tam Chalmers who is Brian’s late father. So it gave me a trip down memory lane to visit the 2020 1st open Maidstone winner. The following day I contacted an old friend Barry Kinnear of Edinburgh the winner of the 2020 SNFC Gold Cup winner. I visited Barry and his dad Billy when they won the Gold Cup race in 2004 from La Ferte Bernard with ‘Auld Reekie’. However with the Covid 19 predicament and my own health issues for the first time I did a one to one; conference call with Barry via the computer. This worked out ‘brilliant’ as I did not have to leave the house (No stress regarding driving etc.) I have used Skype for about 10 years to speak to my sister in Australia but with the new expertise we now have this is even better. Our 2 sons are working from home due to the Covid 19 and hold meetings every day with their staff or management team, they even hold ‘Board Meetings’ online. So I was more than happy to take advantage of their knowledge of this new know-how (we have often spoken to the boys in the evening) and I intend to improve my own intellect as I go along. I was like a ‘cat with 2 tails’ when I came off the call with Barry, (not bad for a 73+ OAP. Believe me these 2 articles will be worth waiting for as these fanciers held nothing back and were a pleasure to interview.






Received an email from Jack Alexander of Monifieth just outside Dundee who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, you were asking for information on my pigeon 14DF 763 that was 12th C 28th open from this year’s Maidstone race, this was his 6th national ticket; He has 5 inland section wins and one from Ypres, His positions are as follows;


2016 Littlehampton; he won 106th section C 429th open flying 403 miles;


2018 Buckingham; winning 5th section C 117th open flying 319 miles;


2018 Maidstone; winning 48th section C 120th open flying 390 miles;


2018 Ypres; he won no section prize but 179th open flying 454 miles;


2019 Buckingham; winning 47th section C 142nd open flying 319 miles;


2020 Maidstone; winning 12th section C 28th open flying 390 miles


This now entitles him for a bronze award, which is verified by Mary Pride.


His breeding is as follows; his sire is the nest mate to a blue hen SU09DF1645, who won 1st section C 33rd open from Bovington in 2010, 5th section C 64th open from Marlborough in 2011 and 144th open Ypres (no section prize) in 2013.


Blue hen 1645 is bred off a sister to Grant Caird’s ‘Dewar Trophy’ winner and a blue cock that I bought from Dale Newcombe.


Dam of DF763 is a blue hen that Gordon Cooper gave me when he stopped racing, she won 1st section 6th open in the SNRPC race in 2013. She is bred of a hen I gave to Gordon and a John Ellis cock. Although DF 763 is 6 years old I still hope to get him to Ypres next year if he is fit enough; cheers Joe and all the best yours Jack Alexander.






As I write this article I mentioned in my 14th August issue all the good pigeons that were well up in the Reims result. I started with John Hadfield of Blackburn who timed his 5 year old blue chequer cock, to win 1st section D 2nd open. I’ve stated that I had looked on the SNFC results but could not find his number in other results. John phoned to say that the chequer cock was in fact a 2 year old late bred with an old ring on his leg. This does not take anything away from him with his fantastic result and hopefully he is one for the future, thank you for your call John and may I congratulate you on a fantastic season, well done. I also remarked about the only entry into the Reims race for George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline. George phoned to tell me that he has not been too well of late and he fell in his back garden and broke his hip. So with George being housebound it was left to his son Brian to do all the work with the pigeons. Their winner is a direct daughter of ‘Kingdom Spirit’ when paired to her own brother. This hen has won 76th section C from Buckingham in 2018. The following year she won 36th section C 146th open from Maidstone she then went into the Burdinne Gold Cup race as their only entry and she won 9th section C 43rd open. This year once again as the only entry from the loft she was timed after 15 hours on the wing to wind 10th section C 20th open, this blue bar hen has now 2 top diplomas in the top 43 from SNFC Gold Cup races; congratulations to Brain for all his hard work (the partnership are not members of a club or federation so Brian does all the training with the pigeons prior to the national races) George you look after yourself and hopefully obtain a return to good health; well done to you both.







Angus federation were at Tow Law on the 22nd of August with the convoy of 470 birds liberated at 08-00 am into a strong south west wind.



Topping the federation with the first 2 place is Ian Scott of Forfar he is also 11th and the won 13th to 16th then 19th positions. Kenny Droog & son wins 3rd place with race controller David Glen winning 4th 6th 7th 9th 10th & 12th with J McCafferty also from Forfar winning 5th place. David J Liddle wins 8th place with Eric Galloway winning 17th 18th & 20th places.


The East section had 192 birds entered and the winning is W Dorward of Gourdon with Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath winning 2nd 3rd & 7th section. Chic & Ann Carrie of the same club are 4th 8th & 9th section with Gordon Campbell of Montrose winning 5th place just ahead of club mates M Wallace & sons and the 10th place was won by D & D Hay of Gourdon club.


Club Winners;


Forfar 278 birds the winner is Ian Scott; Arbroath 87 birds’ winner Kevin J Murphy; Gourdon 49 birds’ winner W Dorward; Montrose 56 birds’ winner Gordon Campbell.


I had a lad on the phone saying he does not know why Scottish Federations race their pigeons from Tow Law as it is a disaster of a race point; especially for young birds. He informed me that when the birds are liberated they head south down the valley and could be 50 due south off line and into un-familiar territory. He informed me that a lad south of Newcastle had 7 AF youngsters drop on his loft and go in. He put them in a basket and fed and watered them and managed to have them released at North Berwick on the Monday 24th August while up visiting friends. Let us hope they managed to get home ok (which I would expect them to do) Thank you to the fancier involved for his sporting gesture. Another lad told me that at the Ridsdale liberation on the same day the youngster had just took one circle round the liberation point when 2 perigees attacked the convoy this was no ¼ mile from the race point. He also felt that the early liberations on the 22nd did not help the birds as further up the country it was heavy rain, he felt that they should have gone between 11 & 1pm, which when you read the result seem to justify his opinion as these organisations had better race returns.



Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club



This week 6 members sent 136 birds to Tow Law a distance of 130 miles with the Angus federation; taking the 1st & 2nd places are Chic & Ann Carrie their first bird is a grizzle cock which is a Carrie cross Jim and Ann Donaldson bird. Last week from Otterburn he was 3rd club. Their second bird is a chequer hen and is a Carrie x Donaldson x Canon cross. Last week she won 6th club and the only pool bird timed. 3rd to 6th club are Charlie and Glen Cameron with a bird bred from the stock loft from the sire of ‘Branch’ winner of 1st and 3rd open Roye SNFC, mated to another Leon Messiaen direct from his St. Vincent winner. Graham McKenzie wins 7th place and Kevin J Murphy is 8th with A & A Shepherd just a head of Les McKay with Charlie & Glen winning 12th place.



Ayrshire Federation


News from Archie McIntyre who writes; Hi Joe, please find attached race report for Ayrshire's 3rd young bird race of the season from Lauder. As well as the report I have attached pictures of Derek Kane with his 1st & 3rd federation winners and Cowan & Findlay 2nd federation winning pigeon. Many thanks once again Joe;


The federation was at Ridsdale on the 15th August but due to the poor weather and sitting there till 14:00 hours with very little improvement, it was decided to pack up and bring the birds home. This week, the 23rd August had us at Ridsdale, and again the weather was not being favourable to us so the decision was taken early to move the birds up to Lauder to get an early as possible liberation to beat the worst of the weather moving in from the west. Jim had the convoy of 1,320 birds away at 09- 45 into a light north west wind for a race of between 63 miles up to 80 miles to the top end of the federation. Reports coming in from the members returns were very good even though the rain had been on and off an hour before the birds arrived. Leading the way in the federation on a velocity of 1109.6 this week taking 1st , 3rd , 5th & 7th federation is Derek Kane from Ardrossan flying in Ardeer HS. Derek winning pigeon is a chequer pied darkness hen flying to the perch and is bred from a pair of David Jamieson birds. The 3rd fed for Derek on 1107.3 is a blue bar darkness cock flying to the perch. His sire topped the federation last year for Derek and is bred down off birds Derek received from his good friends Simeon & John Turner of Chesterfield. 2nd federation on 1108.5 and close neighbour to Derek Kane is the partnership of Cowan & Findlay of Ardrossan flying in the Darvel HS. Mark was saying they timed a chequer cock. His sire was a gift from their good friend John Hodgson of Annan bred from his best long distance bloodlines. The dam is a granddaughter of their ‘McInnes Cock’ who is responsible for countless winners for them and others. I would like to thank Derek’s good lady Cecilia for the picture and the information. I asked Cecilia when taking the picture, could she make sure its Derek’s good side, with a reply promptly coming back, ‘Has he got one Archie’.


Winners from in and around the clubs


North Section sent 502 birds; 1st Ardeer HS is D Kane velocity 1109.685, 1st Darvel HS, Cowan & Findlay velocity 1108.548,; 1st Dalry HS, A Barbour velocity 1084..026, 1st Kilwinning HS, J Savage velocity 1019.601.


Central Section sent 235 birds; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Young velocity 1095.307, 1st Irvine HS are McKenna & Diamond velocity 1071.171; 1st Crosshouse is A Wilson velocity 995.126.


South Section sent 583 birds; 1st Whitletts & District is W Lawrence velocity 1040.531,1st Cumnock & District are J & S Galloway velocity 980.931; 1st Annbank & District is D Graham velocity 971.166, 1st Mauchline & District are Dunlop & Aitken velocity 950.550; thanks once again for your promoting Ayrshire federation results Joe yours Archie’.





Almond Valley Federation




News from Lynne who informs us that the federation were at Ridsdale on 22nd August and the 659 birds were liberated at 10-30 hours. Taking the 1st 2 places plus 4th 16th & 32nd positions is Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder. Ian Jamieson of Balerno wins 3rd 5th 6th 7th 8th 13th 14th & 37th positions J M Young of East Calder wins 9th 23rd 24th & 25th places. Bonnybridge George Harris wins 10th & 34th places. The East Calder partnership of Burnside & Drysdale wins 11th 12th 18th & 30th places. John Hadfield of West Calder wins 15th & 35th positions. J Burnside of the same club wins 17th 36th 39th & 40th places. John Bird of West Calder wins 19th 20th 22nd & 33rd open with Dougie Bald of Balerno winning 21st position. Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder wins 26th to 29th positions with Jamie Sweeney of the same club winning 31st open and the J & R Fairley partnership of Balerno winning 38th open.



Club Winners;


Balerno entered 91 birds; I Jamieson 1283. 1272.6, 1272.2, 1271.8


Bonnybridge entered 106 birds; G Harris 1265 & 1206.722, V Couper 1201 7 G Harris 1196.


Carnwath entered 119 birds; Thomson Bros 989 & 988.8 J & I Alston 988.4. 987.


East Calder entered 175 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1295. 1294. 1281. J M Young on 1268


West Calder entered 168 birds; J Hadfield1240. J Burnside 1235 & 1232.731, 1232.731



Central Federation


Broxburn & Uphall news from Bernie Britton who writes, ‘Hi Joe, please find our result from the Ripon race flown on the 23rd August; with the convoy liberated at 08-00 hours into a west wind. Gordon MacKenzie takes the first 3 in the club and also wins 1st 9th 11th 12th 13th 14th & 20 federations. His winner is a blue cock bred by Bobby Logan who also bred a chequer hen who won 3rd club; his 2nd bird is a blue hen from stock via Stuart Knowles. John McNeill wins 16th 17th & 18th fed with Pat Rafferty and sons winning 19th federation, thanks once again Joe yours Bernie’,.


East of Scotland Federation



Tom McEwen with the above federation race news from the Sedgefield race flown on the 22nd August with the convoy liberated 08-00 hours into a light south west wind. Topping the federation following up their 3rd federation last week are Davidson & Partners of Gladsmuir club. Their fed winner is a blue cock a grandson of N Renton 2 x 600 miler, when paired to a Bricoux. Dam of the winner is a Vandenabeele hen bred by George McLean of Chirnside she is a full sister to 20 pigeons that have been in the first 25 in SNFC races. 2nd open and having a fantastic result with 6 positions in the top 10 is Dougie Grieve of Longniddry. 3rd open and always in the mix is Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton. Winning 5th place is Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone and completing the top 10 is Rab Waddle also from Prestonpans who wins 8th open.



Prestonpans HS


1st club is Tom & Scott McEwen with a blue hen; her sire is a direct son of Paul Stobbs champion ‘The Gypsy’ and the dam is also a Paul pigeon being from ‘Greystoke Boy’ winner of 1st UNC Maidstone 2007 15.122 birds paired to ‘Flo’ winner of 1st UNC of Litters 2008 17.066 birds.2nd club is Rab Waddle with a dark chequer hen her sire is a Vanderbilt bloodlines from Chris Vasey. 3rd club is Keith Howie with a blue hen from his ‘Silver Award’ lines; her sire contains the ‘Van Der Wegen’ strain bloodlines: while her dam is from Jan Aarden bloodlines from ‘Spider’ Rowley. That’s it for another week Joe cheers Tom’.


Fife Federation


From the Alnwick race on the 22nd August the convoy of 726 birds were liberated at 11am into a south west wind. Topping the east section (Kennoway 103bs; Leven 47 birds; St Andrews 55 birds & Methilhaven 112 birds) and open is Brian Chalmers of Kennoway doing a velocity of 1203.99 his father in law Tam Laing is 2nd with a velocity of 1203.0. Brian is 3rd to 10th in the east section and is 3rd 4th & 9th in the open positions. Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes club is 5th to 8th plus 10th in the federation top 10 and he also wins 1st to 6th plus 8th & 9th centre section (40 birds) with S Diamond of the same club in 7th & 10th places. The west section clubs Lochgelly 88 birds; Dunfermline 66 birds; Crossgates 215 birds. Taking the top 10 in the section is J Hynd & son of Crossgates club. A reminder that the marking for Wakefield on 5th September is a Novar Club rooms times to be confirmed.


Pentlandhills Federation & New Lothian RPC


News from Andy Miller with the results of the New Lothian RPC and Pentland Hills Federation had their 4th young bird race of the season liberated at 08-00 into a south west wind on Saturday 22nd August, from Sedgefield a distance of 102 to 114 miles for the members. With 12 clubs sending 2170 birds; this week’s winner is to the loft of ‘Ever Ready’ Freddie Robertson who timed a Gaston Van De Wouwer cock flown on the darkness & sliding door system, The winner is was one of a batch purchased from David Zerk from Cardiff. Returns were roughly 80-90%. The federation top 10, as follows; 2nd & 3rd are Brown & Black from Woodburn club. Danderhall’s Helen Aitken & sons are 4th with A Mitchell of Castlebrae club winning 5th spot. A Walker of Danderhall club wins 6th & 8th open with club mates Mr & Mrs Lindsay winning 7th place and another Danderhall member D Brown making up the top 10.


Club Results


Danderhall; 959 birds; 1st F Robertson 1277; 2nd Aitken 1267; 3rd Walker 1258;


Woodburn; 110 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Brown & Black 1269; 1268; 1245:


Castlebrae; 84 birds; 1st A Mitchell; 2nd McCormack & Fraser 1234.8 3rd L Mitchell 1234.5


Sighthill; 253 birds; 1st Barclay 1244; 2nd & 3rd Girdwood 1232 & 1231:


Easthouses; 113 birds; 1st Perring 1226; 2nd Mercer 1214, 3rd Sanderson 1205


Arniston; 166 birds; 1st Lawson 1222 2nd & 3rd Milne ??


Edinburgh Premier; 144 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Dick 1209-1206-1190


Edinburgh West; 38 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Lamb 1207-1179 & 1139


Bonnyrigg; 200 birds; 1st & 2nd Stark & Benson 1202 & 1173; 3rd Russell 1168


Loanhead; 33 birds; 1st & 2nd McCann 1157 & 1077; 3rd Murray 1017


Rosewell; 34 birds; 1st & 2nd W Tytler 1085 & 957 3rd Cunningham & Ness 909;


New Lothian; 17 birds:


Others; 49 birds;



North of Scotland Federation



News from George Duthie who informs us that 40 members sent 800 birds to the Auchendinny Young Birds flown on Sunday 23rd August liberated into a light west to south west wind. Topping the east section (19 members sending 418 birds) are C & M Williams of Peterhead & District who took the first 3 places. 4th section and open is R H Whyte of same club he is also 8th & 9th. Stuart Maskame of the same Peterhead club is 5th 6th & 7th (don’t know if readers notice but the members are only allowed to time in 3 birds, this allows other members to have birds on the result) MAYBE OTHER FEDERATION SHOULD TAKE NOTE. G Findlay of the same club is 10th 11th open & 22nd east section 24th open. R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club is 12th section and open, with my old mate George P Taylor in 13th place in section and open. M Whittleton of Fraserburgh & District is 14th East and Open with another in 23rd east section 26th open. Club mate Colin McRae wins 15th & 16th section and open with his 3rd bird winning 25th east section 29th open. R McKenzie of Inverurie is 17th east section and open with G Wilson of Devern Valley winning 1st West section (21 members sent 382 birds) 18th open with club mates Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 winning 2nd & 7th west section 19th & 35th open. L Lindsay & J Paterson of Fraserburgh & District win 18th 19th & 20th east section 20th 21st & 22nd open. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District is 21st east section 23rd open. A Wilson of Devern Valley club is 3rd 6th & 10th west section 25th 32nd & 40th open. His club mate N Raymond wins 4th & 9th west section 27th & 39th open. A Foster of Inverurie wins 24th east section 28th open and A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club makes up the top 30 in the open and wins 26th east section. J Abel of Devern Valley club wins 5th west section 31st open which covers the top 40 positions.

Clubs First Bird



Peterhead & District winner is C & M Williams velocity 1159.593


Fr. West End winner is R Barclay velocity 1112.513


Fr. & District winner is M Whittleton velocity 1104.542


Inverurie winner is R McKenzie velocity 1081.882


Devern Valley winner is G Wilson velocity 1073.171


Elgin & District winner is J Thomson velocity 960.595


Keith winner are Duncan & Thomson velocity 944.205


Buckie & District winner is R Bain velocity 809.282


Well done to C & M Williams on Topping the federation and also well done to G Wilson on winning the West Section; George Duthie.



Derek Kane 1st Fed Lauder 2 YBs 23_08_2020.JPG


Derek Kane 1st Fed Lauder 2 YBs 23_08_2020.JPG



Derek Kane 3rd Fed Lauder 2 YBs 23_08_2020.JPG


Derek Kane 3rd Fed Lauder 2 YBs 23_08_2020.JPG



George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline see text.jpg


George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline see text.jpg



Jack's 1645.jpg


Jack's 1645.jpg



Joe’s Joke


A Cup of Tea One day my mother was out, and my dad was in charge of my sister. She was maybe 2 ½ years old. Someone had given her a little 'tea set' as a gift, and it was one of her favourite toys. Dad was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when she brought him a little cup of 'tea', which was just water. After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my mum came home. My dad made her wait in the living room to watch my sister bring him a cup of tea, because it was 'just the cutest thing!' Mum waited, and sure enough, in she came down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy; and she watched him drink it up. Then she said, (as only a mother would know), "'Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?"




Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to joejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or you can also view online editions on: www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.uk www.pigeon-chat.co.uk - www.Pigeonbasics.com - Pigeon Racing the Basics! - thecanadianpigeoninternational.com www.internationalracingpigeon.com or



Who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland

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