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Dagenham South Road Article 6

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Posted 6 July 2020 - 11:13 AM

Dagenham Marking Station

On the week of the announcements that the pubs will be open on Saturday 4th July, we saw that many pigeon fanciers were extremely happy. This week could only best described as a strange one with high strong winds and very unpredictable weather.

The week saw Ardy Santos, join the so-called lazy fanciers gang and has finally got the unikon ets. More and more of the club fanciers are turning to the ets system, which is excellent to see, as it does make life so much simplier, from start to finish. The fact of not having to write out a race sheet, then the quickness of the marking of the birds, followed by the saturday with the print out and order of the birds arriving to the loft is excellent. Our marking station, only accepts Unikon and the original outlay, can seem quite expensive, but believe me the benefits are there to be seen.

I was on the Thames website recently, and was just readinf about the Thames history. For those that havent been on the website it is really interesting and was made exceptionally well by Rachael Bacon. For those unaware the website is www.thamesnec.co.uk, One thing i noticed on the website and I feel with the Thames could be a huge success if it was kick started again, would be open races from the Isle of Wight on a wednesday. With the membership now exceeding 163 members in the club, I personally feel this would be very well supported considering in its day when the club had only 43 members they was reaching between 1,200 birds and 2,000 birds a week. The isle of wight would allow the pigeons to get used to the water for national amd classic club races, and would be sticking to the club's roots of being a training club in preparation for channel racing.

Many of the marking station members have started to really train their young birds now, and some are going to put them into the first littlehampton. Gary White and Roy Rowlands have been getting well supported in the club with the club trainer. The training pick up point is in Dagenham, however I am lead to believe 2 further pick up points will be starting in Beckton and Canning Town in the very near future, so if you have an interest in joining them on their training tosses, please dont hesitate yo get in touch, and i can advise on times and places.

Duncan Goodchild, loft manager of the late legendary pigeon fancier David Hales, has been a fantastic supporter of the dagenham marking station since its inception last winter. He yet again has helped out the marking station by donating a fantastic young bird for marking station funds. The marking station are extremely grateful for all the help and support that Duncan has given us.

Thursday came and I think it was unamious decision that Saturday racing would be a no-no. Fair play to the thames they post poned racing for 24 hours, with a Saturday marking for a Sunday race from littlehampton. This made many of the club members happy as they could taste their first pints as the British Legion in Becontree, where we mark our birds could finally open its doors.

Saturday marking came, and due to Poitiers with the BICC and Falaise with the UBI, the membership sending was down on previous weeks in the marking station due to many of the members wanting to send across the channel mainly with the UBI at falaise. Those sending to Falaise it will be many of the ex north roaders first attempt at the channel, and hopefully they really enjoy the experience. This would mean for many of the members there is a potential for 3 races for them next weekend. Another advantage with the ets is that you can have 5 races on the one clock which is ideal especially with the amount of races you can have on one weekend on the south road. The weekend of the 1st of August would be interesting, BICC Barcelona International 716 miles roughly, BICC St Vincent International 547 miles, BICC Bordeaux National 456 miles, and NFC Blue Ribbon Race from Pau 560 miles. If your serious about your distance racing, south is definitely the way to go.

Back to Littlehampton, the wind was blowing a strong south west wind. The marking station was aware of the speeds the intercounties was doing out of yeovil who had an early liberation, and they was exceeding 76mph, so many was expecting the thames to do similar. The thames still had a very strong birdage just short of 1,300 birds, which is still great birdage considering there is a number of channel races in the week coming up.

1st and 3rd this week was Dean Burns who is really enjoying racing on the south. Dean sent a mixture of old birds and young birds this week, and had brilliant returns. Deans winners is a Van Lint, a family which he has had for 10 year's which he got from fellow club member Gary White. Dean has line bred and inbred this family throughout the years and has only added the odd bird here and there. All but one of his old bird team are related in someway. His winner this week is an uncle to the 3rd marking station pigeon. The winner is a 2 year old pigeon who has won on the north before and is very consistent to the loft. The 3rd marking station is a 5 year old cock and is another previous winner on the north.

2nd and 4th this week was Andrew Foster and Lee Finan. First on the clock is a Mealy Cock, otherwise known as Southend Sid. This cock disappears once a week to southend and spends the night at lees old address. He is of Vanden Bulck breeding, and was raced out to thurso last year as a yearling. 4th club is a 4 year old blue cock, which lee describes it as a bitsa, bits of this and bits of that. The members that sent said the returns was good and the birds came very well.

On the final result with the BICC, Alfie Gadsdon & Son Ryan, finished 42nd open 16th section, against a convoy just short of 8,400 birds. The members are excited for predominantly their first channel adventure, we wish them the best of luck and look forward to writing *touch wood* about their success.

Next week we will have a blast from the past, about one of the greatest London North Road Combine fanciers, watch this space...

Sayonara for now...


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Posted 6 July 2020 - 11:16 AM

once more good reading and pics, thanks . and well donePosted Imageon your BICC result




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Posted 6 July 2020 - 12:27 PM

good man wiley

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Posted 6 July 2020 - 13:28 PM

Well done. :)

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Posted 6 July 2020 - 14:27 PM

Well done Ryan and congratulations on your BICC result :)
Pat Mc Laughlin Brunswick Lofts

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