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Clydesdale Midweek


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Pigeonbasics has kindly given the club permission to run a young bird sale.The birds on offer have been kindly donated by members and friends of the club.Start on Monday evening finish Sunday 19th of April at 19.00 on 5 minute rule


Lot 1 J & I Alston 2birds out of his stock loft national winnerAlf £200


Lot 2 E Robin youngster pick of his loft

5time 1st west section Lanarkshire fed

Buffalo £20


Lot 3 E & N Yule snfc section winner

Show of year champion 2020

Anfield boy £20


Lot 4 Dr J Salmond snprc section winner

2 birds van den bulcks harky £40


Lot 5 A Lees numerous national winner

Snatch £60


Lot 6 Lums/Coll/Hope 2 birds consistent distance flyers vanden bulck/vandenbeeles

Harry £60


Lot 7 D Mitchell section winner

Craig.G18 £20

Lot 8 C Bonnington 2 birds Swingclear x Kirkpatricks

Blood flight £50

Lot 9 D Hamilton & son consistent flyers

Dougie £25

Lot 10 C & E McMillan 2 birds Sodderland &Maddison x W Millen / Macaloney Lanarkshire fed winner same way bred as

Tamd £60

Lot 11 J Frood Jock Alston/ Jock Allan lines

Johnleg £30


Lot 12 W McCormack youngster pick of loft consistent national flyer

C.B £40


Lot 13 J Warwick & son 2 birds consistent national flyer

Jocky £60

Lot 14 M Ardle/Thomson out his stock loft Mitchell/Jones bloodlines

Joe_b £40


Lot 15 M Hilley national flyer

Thedoo £30


Lot 16 S Mardle sire son of W Boswells Jamie boy paired to wee Jenna dam g/daughter J Ohara's emergency

Joe_b £30


Lot 17 A Suckle pair out stock loft constistant national flyer

Buff £100


Lot 18 J Stokes very good distance flyer

wullie semple £20


I'll get the details filled in over weekend hope there is something there for someone once payment received buyers make arrangements for respectful lot

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Lot 1 £200 Alf

Lot 2 £30 Craig.G18

Lot 3 £20 Anfeild boy

Lot 4 £50 Yrrab

Lot 5 £60 Snatch

Lot 6 £60 harky

Lot 7 £30 Buffalo

Lot 8 £50 Blood flight

Lot 9 £25 dougie

Lot 10 £60 Tamd

Lot 11 £30 johnleg

Lot 12 £60 JAGS

Lot 13 £85 Kelly gillon

Lot 14 £40 joe_b

Lot 15 £40 thedoo

Lot 16 £40 Andrew suckle

Lot 17 £100 Buff

Lot 18 £45 Jimjam07

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