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Posted 25 March 2020 - 13:39 PM

Another thought is that living huddle up and on top of each other … Nah no sexually lol - it takes a mite of patience I guess' So I agree with what many are saying in this regard.
Best to keep the ladies busy and happy, eh!
Mind that doesn't often work. Well, not for long anyway.
Take the first couple of days here.
Joyce, the lady who 'must be obeyed', moans she is bored! So I suggest finding chores to do, especially any that may need an update. Mind you, that didn't go quite as planned. Golly she drabbles on, with many innuendo's and uttering like 'Are you saying I don't'! and 'If you're not satisfied, do it your self'!
I try to put a point across, that I was trying to help, to put forward ethical reasoning etc.
Of course, I did, after all, if nothing else I am all heart! But the come back was 'You mean to do your' chores while you sit on your fat bum doing nothing'! 'Not true,' I replied. All to no avail.

On Monday, I tried to help her by suggesting she got the scissors out – which I bought her – and cut the grass as it will be a mite drier! Gosh, you would think I had opened her purse!
Anyway, to give the lady her due, she did go out and start doing it. Yet, the cheeky (Person) wanted ME to sharpen them! I soon put her straight. I told her she was being very ungrateful. That I had spent good money getting THEM scissors for her! So, like the calm, tranquil and caring master I am, I put my arm around her and took her into MY 'Work shed'. I explained how to put the scissors in the vice, and NOT to over tighten it. Then with a file, to lightly smooth over a couple of pushes. But not to touch the faces as that would ruin them. Gosh, I sometimes feel my caring attitude is wasted. That it is of no account. Yeah, she had the audacity to ask if I was going to do it for her! 'No'! I said. 'I've shown you how to do it so you will be able to do it, as and when, needed in the future'! You can't please some folks!
Next morning I caught my finger somehow, and a speck of blood showed. So I naturally took out a plaster and covered it over some Sudo crème.
Guess what! She complained that her fingers were so sore from all that use of scissors cutting the grass, and asked if she could have a couple. 'What'! I told her I bought them for myself, not to give around. That she should have bought herself some when she purchase MINE! Still, they did look badly chaffed, so being the nice guy I am, I lent her a couple.
But! You've guessed it, in no time at all, she moaned about being bored. I suggested, nicely, 'You could weed the garden. I'll lend you a screwdriver to help dig them out'! To give due, where warranted, she did do a decent job. Of course, I did take the lady around and point out some weeds she had missed. I don't think she even appreciated that!
Then a couple of hours later, she asked me if I was going to clear the weeds on top of the tiled roof of my pigeon loft. Cheeky git!
I explained we have some scaffold planks in the shed. That if she placed a few across the roof, from the bottom- gutter end, then carefully putting the other end at the back end on top of the coving, it would clear the tiles and do no damage. then moving them carefully as needed she could do the weeding in between the planks. She looked at me a mite perplex. Well I think she was. So I explained it again. Well three times in all actually. Anyway, after staring and nodding at me, she stormed off and got the ladders out and placed them up aside the loft, asking if I was going to stand on the bottom. Yeah, I know you wouldn't believe it would you eh!
'No, No, love' I smiled, 'you don't weigh all that much, so no need, besides I've got other things to do'!
'Like what' she wanted to know, raising her voice. Now that is uncalled for, and I told her so. Indeed I said 'No need for that tone and attitude. I have plenty of things to do that are not your concerned'. Then she dared to ask again 'Yeah yeah Like what'.
That was it. I told her straight. 'Look just get up the ladder and clear the weeds'. I had to leave then, or I would have told her some home truths. Which from time to time I have had too. Though to be honest, she struggles to accept them sometimes.
I went in to have a nice cuppa of tea.
About two hours later, she came in. I feel she was being sarcastic, with her questions and innuendos, like 'Right, Ok I've done that! What's next'! and 'I see you have had a cuppa and read the papers per usual. Did you think to make me a cup of tea'!
'No'! I replied you were busy upon the roof. 'I didn't want to disturb you'. Oh, some looks you get from ungrateful persons some time, eh!
I said 'Now you're here, you could put the kettle on and make us both a cuppa … By the way, have you put the ladders and planks back in the shed'? I think she is still peeved off having to stay in! For she stormed off into the living room shouting 'Yes! Of course, I have!
Keep them lean mean and hungry, they say. Might have to try that!

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Pigeons Interests ... before Fanciers ego's!

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Posted 25 March 2020 - 16:54 PM

Headlines in tomorrow's paper


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Posted 25 March 2020 - 17:08 PM

a good read Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image




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