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Houten Spring Exchange


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Well I can understand the Scottish easier on this site than I can on the coach.

Well Houten was another success for me loads to see and more than enough birds to buy.as well as every thing you might need for the sport.

Johan’s market at bevel was well supported and we went to Johan’s middle distance club presentation night,he was overall champ.

There was a Bon sale that followed on from an internet action and the highest priced bird made 370euros geert Lambrechts .

Lier in the morning and a club visit to follow

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Well lads I am home ,great week end with a good set of lads and was nice to see some young faces in the sport ,and on our coach ,hope they enjoyed it.

Our bus raffle was great as usual with 7 young birds ,1 old bird ,a selection of grits minerals bath salts drinkers and clay blocks making up another prize and to top it off a £50 as well as 3 twenty five pound prizes

We had the same driver as last year and I am glad I wasn’t driving but Steph took it all in his stride.

We didn’t visit the baccy shop ,sign of the times and decided not to go to natural breeding station but instead went to a central marking station for the pigeon men and owned by them with a bar —beer was cheap to ,and was only approx ten kilometres from lier and we were made very welcome by its members but missed out on a few young birds that were for sale by its members as Wally Mae got his coaches to the venue before our coach and the young birds were quickly bought.

It’s fed sec Robert Belmans who I have corresponded with during the year was true to his word and had the sprint champ of the club there for me to meet and I have ordered some young birds for 2021 off him at a good price,thanks to Rob.

This club HQ baskets five night a week from extreme long distance through to sprint races.

Well that’s another yearly trip over and I hope all our coach enjoyed themselves .

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