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Almond Valley Fed


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The sale will start on the Friday 21st February

And end Sunday 1st march at 19.59 59

Birds start at 20 pounds



Lot 1.woodruff brother's top loft in the unc= Scotty 94. 170.pounds. Done with thanks


Lot 2.vic couper this loft puts top national performance and one of almond valley feds top men hard to beat. Jocky. 50 pounds done with thanks




Lot 3.John bird Blackburn this man is a gentleman and flys a top bird = cruger 55pounds. Done with thanks


Lot 4 Fred Jamieson here's a loft that preforms week in and week out and also has a reputation as top breeder of birds winning all over the UK = adee1888. 70 pounds .done with thanks


Lot 5 Billy bisland this yb will be directly out of a national winner this speaks volumes of him multi national winner = feathers . 130 pounds done with thanks


Lot 6 wullie bothwick here again winner of the snfc gold cup outstanding =80 pounds. budgie . Done with thanks


Lot 7 dean bridges this yb will be out of the 5th open snfc roye the dame has 5 national tickets best 35 th open Ypres = bean kicker. 100 pounds. Done with thanks





Lot 8 Jim Wilkinson anybody who knows him will tell he a top class pigeon man

= bean kicker.175 pounds. Done with thanks


Lot 9 Dougie bald in my opinion this loft can stand with any loft in the UK his record at federation is unbelievable. = jeff 007. 50 pounds. Done with thanks


Lot10 d k jamieson here the loft for the distance lovers what a record he has winning Scotlands fancier of the year for the second year in row.= beankicker.225 pounds done thanks


Lot 11 Billy bisland again a yb direct from a national winner truly one of Scotlands best. = feathers 130 pounds. Done with thanks


Lot 12 Jim Cullen again a loft with a big name in distance racing with a life time in the sport hard man to beat. = beankicker.100 pounds. Done with thanks


Lot 13 John bosworth Mr national without a doubt Scotlands best at distance racing


= beankicker.100 pounds done with thanks


Lot 14 John Jamieson the buyer to have the pick of pair one blue cock sire of multi fed toppers including a 3rd open in the snfc his mate will be the that topped av fed 3 times and breeding winners




blue ch cock raced by wullie Mullen bred by me this cock has won 3 times at the channel his hen will be a stock hen bred from distance blood.Henrik 200 pounds done with thanks


Late edition 15 =John welldone up north commbine winner = John b 90 pounds

Futher details to follow

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