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Another thing that amazes me, personally that is, that the rotation of the birds racing isn't followed. Was a natural occurrence when small back yard fanciers did it automatically.

'Races for races'. Ok, they flew say Berwick for Lerwick etc.

But having 7- 10 pairs meant that had to conserve the birds that way. Have a bird loft fit, and tweaked for the race that they had pencilled out for it. A bird only has 6- 7 weeks top for so-called 'Super Form', Careful and stringent planning.


Off course best-made plans of mice and men etc. meant some changes occurred, A bird away for a week was a boon, because it came big in excellent condition - mostly, well nigh always. We can touch nature in that regards.

Lerwick was the pinnacle of the season, and all, or just about all, sent.

Seasons end the problem was birds having to make way for the yearlings and y/b's!


Now fancier breed colossal numbers of youngsters to combat losses! Never mind all the reason put forward. A lame crutch mostly. It's just their hope that one or two will make it. To turn out, maybe great! A significant number of expensive birds with so-called pedigrees mean absolutely NOTHING! Bolstered Culls! So lofts of culls are maintained at enormous costs BECAUSE 'The money I spent MUST turn out some magnificent birds sooner or later!

Rubbish often breeds culls. Rubbish talk is just that Rubbish!

First thing first is to get youngster that became content in the hotel you built for them! That in its self is needless but has a couple of things going for it besides making the fancier feeling he is doing right by his pigeons. Also, the garden and loft look beautiful, especially for the wife and neighbours.

Then put into a system that suits you and is easily maintain via you. Stick with it. Yes, now there will be several losses by the birds that it does suit. But then that happens regardless of the system. Soon you will have pigeons that have accepted your ways, and get a love of the loft and its safety. J.M.O.

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a significant number of expensive birds with so called pedigrees means nothing.? does significant mean more than half ? what are the figures here ?

how did you resource that ?

has anyone told cooper and gilbert ?

are you just making this up as you go along ? lets get back to the queen.how big is her loft ?

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Let me give you contras here, Jackie. Was at Frank Tasker's loft one day... with some mates from overseas, but won't brag names, suffice to show what many hear and what they do.

Frank was saying simply that Arthur Beardsmore was the very best for conditioning a bird for a specific race. Indeed said even just one bird for a particular race and winning it.


Anyway, I smiled. Frank used to send 200 odd to a national! It was often said, friendly or not, at that marking station he ought to have a conveyer belt for the baskets. That day Frank had sent 79 youngsters to a race. Was stating he wanted to clock them all in before another fancier even had one. Consciences! Maybe... To sell pigeons certainly.

Now in practice who has the better name, more renowned? Arthur Beardsmore by a long shot! Did he send masses to a race? No!

I know of four renowned fanciers who moved to a location before being heard of! Would you believe to the east! Yes, the same ones that would argue that location mean nothing! Yeah right. One told many including our club that from an ok flyer to a great was BECAUSE he moved to Skegness.

Now I know of the four that moved lofts a couple more times even for an advantage. Ok, they say otherwise.


Know another very well breeder racer fancier that had twice bought land further up the valley to get the first drop when others flew a few corners.


The mob flyer brags how good his birds are! But seldom packs and has a great many drops together. That only happens when a loft is in excellent condition, or the flock is as good as it gets.



I used to pack well... but often well behind. I asked Gary Edmunds if he would help me pair up. The very best flyer I've ever met or known. He asked me 'Why'! I replied to breede youngsters! He again asked why!

Still great friends, but a bit miffed. So I asked another very good proven fancier - who had his first birds off my dad... He soon learnt a swallow does make summer with them. Anyway, maybe more of that later. So I asked Barry the same question and told him what his nephew had said.


Very diplomatically, he said the same and then explained.

'Roly' he said, 'Your birds go training with mine, Gary never trains (A fact his birds had two trainers as y/b's. One 20 miles and one just over 50 miles. Very rarely, well never as old birds … I say, rarely because there may have been a reason once or so … But he was so tight I don't think he ever entertained spend a penny if a halfpenny would do etc.).



'Your birds re as conditioned as good as any ones in the fed, including mine and Gary's. But he and I bring them on for the races we want to win. I train because I get the firms' lorries going up and down the country - He was a top boss, Mainly to lose the culls. None, of course, go every week. But I chose and brought them on. Gary and I are often top Fed flyers etc. I like the distance races, Gary can't be bothered to send -- when he did the three times, he won the three times from Lerwick ... et still he NEVER ever TRAINED the birds! Likewise Catlin, Overton, and many more.



So they, like Beardsmore and many others, pick the races that they want to win. If they're going to win them all that select birds well before the season starts to achieve this as they want, like most, to win every race.


So I learned that my birds weren't good enough...

You have all heard, maybe said it yourselves 'Can't understand it, Give the very best of feed, have a great airy loft and when I take them for a toss three times a week! They nigh always beat me home. They trap like the clappers. But race day, I don't know why, but am at the bottom of the ladder.


I had in my club three fancier, living with a couple of hundred yards that sent nearly, or more than 200 birds between them.. But I would send first in the basket yearling 150mto 200 that were often in the top ten or 6. Only ever won one granted.

So I resourced from common knowledge. From the horses mouth so to speak and my own action.

I visited loft all over the country, even abroad. Spoke and above all listened.

A constant learning curb eh!

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