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The Joe Murphy Column 7/6/19

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Posted 8 June 2019 - 16:31 PM

The Joe Murphy Column

I was shocked when I received a phone call telling me that my dear mateGuy Reed of the Isle of Wight had taken a heart attack and was taken tohospital in Portsmouth. He has had 2 stents inserted and thankfully he is nowhome on the island. I have spoken to him a few times this week and expressedthat he will have to slow down and take things more easily from now on. Guy wasstill working doing odd jobs about the island and he is 71 years of age. Hewill have to also cut down on his pigeons and get them to a more manageableamount. He was telling me that he has a round of youngsters from his stockbirds that are about to come out of the nest this week, and I have advised himto sell these on as he is not able to look after or race a big team ofyoungsters. I just hope he takes my advice as I have been in the same situationand if you don’t change to a more manageable lifestyle then you are not helpingyourself or your loved ones. I wish my dear friend all the best in his recoveryand hope he heeds my advice. Get well soon mate.

This week’s Photographs

I’ve attached 2 photos from the Sinclair Thomson & son of Port Seton loftfrom East Lothian; The dark chequer cock is named ‘Mr Constant’ and has a SNFC Silver andBronze award and was also the runner up to The Dewar Trophy Winner of2018 another of the Sinclair’s top pigeons a chequer hen ‘Seton Queen’. The dark chequer cock ‘Mr Constant’ is a winner in the SNFC 12 times with 8 times frominland nationals and 4 times from across the English Channel. As a young birdhe won 138th open from Buckingham a distance of 286 miles; then as ayearling he won 132nd section B 219th open fromPortsmouth flying 363 miles from a convoy of 4767 birds. He was then sent toEastbourne a distance of 385 miles and he won 48th section B 70thopen from an entry of 2494 birds. As a 2year old in 2016 he won 4 times being 52nd section B 164thopen from Buckingham from an entry of 4328 birds sent by 521 members he thenwent to Littlehampton a distance of 370 miles and he won 17thsection B 43rd open from an entry of 4482 birds sent by 510 members,his next race was from the Ypres national a distance of 428 miles and he was 6thsection B 7th open from an entry of 2323 birds sent by 440 members. Afew weeks later he was then sent to SNFC Roye race with a convoy of 1135 birdsentered by 258 members and won 17th section B 49th open. In2017 he once again won an open prize of 179th from Buckingham racefrom an entry of 4170 birds entered by 495 members but did not win a sectionprize diploma he returned from this race with all his cover feathers missingand was obviously not raced again that year. Then in 2018 once again won 4times in the national being 31st section B 223rd openfrom Buckingham flying 286 miles against 3576 birds entered by 441 members. Hewas then sent to the SNFC Maidstone race and won 23rd section B 62ndopen flying 359 miles from an entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 fanciers. He thenwent to the Gold Cup race from Liege with 327 members sending and he won 1stsection B 1st east region 5th open flying 507 milesagainst 1072 birds. He was then set up for the last old bird national from Royea distance of 494 miles flying against 747 birds entered by 186 members and hewon 3rd section B 12th open flying. Now winning a SNFCSilver Award for 3 times a section winner from the English Channel; and also awinner of a Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for winning 5 times from inlandnationals. Two years ago the Thomson partnership won the SHU Dewar Trophy for Scotland’sbird of the year with a chequer hen named ‘SetonQueen’ as a matter ofinterest ‘Mr Constant’beat her 3 times that year, but was not nominate for the Dewar Trophy asSinclair thought that the hen’s 2nd open position was good enough.

‘Seton Queen’ won 4 times in 4 Scottish nationals in the 2016 seasonbeing 286th open (no section prize) from Buckingham flying against 4328birds 521 members flying a distance of 286 miles; she then went to theLittlehampton with a convoy of 4482 birds entered by 510 lofts and won 18thsection B 45th open flying 370 miles. She was then entered into theYpres race with 2324 birds at this national race entered by 440 members andflying a distance of 428 miles to her home loft won 25th section B 45th open and to crown off agreat season she was then entered into the last old bird national from Roye with258 members sending 1135 birds to competing and flying a distance of 494 milesshe won 1st section B 2nd open to triumphantly be hailed‘Scotland’s Bird of the Year 2016’ winning the Scottish Homing Union ‘DewarTrophy’. In 2017 she was entered into the Bedhampton race a distance of 363miles with a fantastic entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members and she won94th section B 350th open. She was then sent to Ypres adistance of 428 miles and from an entry of 2320 birds sent by 409 members shewon 2nd section B 6th open therefore winning her SNFCSilver Award for 3 times a winner from over the Channel. Last year she wasagain sent to Ypres and won 17th section B 51st open froman entry of 2541 birds entered by 433 members. She like most of the birds in the loft is bred from Taylor Brothers ofNewbigging stock pigeons. I also noticed another outstanding pigeon being racedby the Thomson partnership a blue cock SU14P5640 named ‘Donald’ as he waddles when hewalks about the loft. In 2015 he won 3 times from inland nationals winning 45thsection B 71st open from Billericay flying 332 miles against aconvoy of 3406 birds; he was then sent to Portsmouth a distance of 363 milesand he won 9th section B 9th open from an entry of 4767birds. He then went to the Eastbourne national a distance of 385 miles (thisreplaced Ypres as we could not get over the channel) and from an entry of 2494birds he won 33rd section B 44th open. In 2016 won 8th section B 9thopen from Ypres a distance of 428 miles competing against 2323 birds entered by440 members and in 2017 was again to the fore winning 10th section B33rd open from Buckingham 286 miles against 4170 birds entered by495 members he was then back into the Ypres race with a convoy of 2320 birdsentered by 409 members and he won 10th section B 16thopen In 2018 the blue cock was entered into the Maidstone national withan entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 members and he won 16th section B31st open flying 359 miles to win an SNFC Bronze award for 5 times awinner from inland nationals. A few weeks later he was entered into the Liegenational race with 1072 birds entered by 327 members and won 11thsection B 51st open flying 507 miles and therefore won a SNFC SilverAward for 3 times a winner from over the channel. The above 3 birds have trulyoutstanding performances and we take our hat off to this father and sonpartnership and wish them both well in the new national season which starts onthe 1st June 2019.

Bo'ness Wakefield Winner see text
Attached File  Bo'ness Wakefield Winner see text.jpg (1.11MB)
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Dunlop & Aitken 1st & 2nd Fed Appleby OB 11_05_19.

Attached File  Dunlop & Aitken 1st & 2nd Fed Appleby OB 11_05_19.jpg (42.22K)
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J MacKenzie 3rd Fed Appleby and 2nd & 3rd Fed Ripon

Attached File  J MacKenzie 3rd Fed Appleby and 2nd & 3rd Fed Ripon.jpg (47.76K)
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John Donald 1st Fed Ripon 19_05_19_opt.

Attached File  John Donald 1st Fed Ripon 19_05_19_opt.jpg (57.75K)
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Sinclair Thomson and son with the Dewar Trophy see text

Attached File  Sinclair Thomson and son with the Dewar Trophy see text.jpg (236.78K)
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Mr Constant see text.

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Seton Queen Scotland's Bird of the Year 2016

Attached File  Seton Queen Scotland's Bird of the Year 2016.jpg (320.42K)
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Angus Federation

Angus Federation result of the Newarkrace flown on Saturday 25th May liberated at 06-45am into a north tonorth west wind. Topping the federation and also winning 3rd &20th positions is Ian Scott of Forfar with the Macaulay Ferguson& Curran partnership in 2nd 8th & 12thpositions. Davie Glen is 4th 5th & 10thfederation with J McCafferty of Forfar in 6th 17th 18th& 19th open. David J Liddle is 7th 14th& 15th with Kenny Droog & son in 9th & 11thplaces. Kevin J Murphy manages to split the Forfar club dominance winning 13thopen with Bob Baldie also from Forfar in 16th place.

The East Section is won by Kevin J Murphyin 1st 2nd & 8th places with Charlie &Glen Cameron of Arbroath winning 3rd 4th 5th 6th& 9th section with Les McKay also from Arbroath club in 7thspot D & D Hay of Gourdon are 10th east section.

Club winnersare as follows;Forfar 371 birds winner Ian Scott; Arbroath 91 birds winner Kevin J Murphy; Montrose52 birds winner G Campbell; Gourdon 13 birds winner D & D Hay;

Arbroath RacingPigeon Club

From the Newark flown onthe 25th May 4 members sent 91 birds with the federation convoythese were liberated at 06-45 hours into a north to north west wind for the 251miles race. First 2 places are won by Kevin J Murphy with his winner the onlybird doing over 1300 yards per minute is a 2 year old chequer hen that haspreviously won this year being 4th club Lauder, 2nd club 3rd eastsection Otterburn, 3rd club 3rd east section Ripon, 10thclub Wakefield and 1st club 1st East Section,13th open federation Newark. Her sire is bred by Billy Bilslandfrom his 9th open SNFC Alencon cock when mated to Billy’s ‘Isla’winner of 1st open SNFC Leicester young bird national winner. The damof the winner was from Tom & Scott McEwen’s ‘Paul Stobbs’ bloodlines. The 2nd clubwinner doing a velocity of 1293 is a 2 year old chequer hen: this hen has alsowon 2nd club 5 east section from Tow Law and 2nd club2nd east section Newark. Both parents bred by Tom & Scott McEwenher sire is son of ‘TMAC’ a SNFC Silver Award winner who won 5thopen SNFC Alencon when paired to his own sister. Dam is from a doubleSNFC winner who won 5th open Clermont when paired to a SNFC 7th openRoye winner. When you think of it a 1st open 2 x 5thopen; 7th open and a 9th open SNFC winners in theirbreeding. 3rd club are Charlie and Glen Cameron with a velocityof 1287 with; ‘Branch’ a 3 year dark chequerwho was 3rd open SNFC Roye in 2018. ‘Branch’ is bred from a sonof Leon Messiaen’s ‘Perpignan’ who is Leon’s main pigeon for racing andbreeding in the last 10 years. The dam of ‘Branch’ is from the family Malfaitof Jabbeke and originates from the Olympiad Gran Canaria and Bettini 1st NationalDax bloodline; (The old saying ‘Blood always Tells’ comes to mindwhen I write this report Joe M)

Almond Valleys Federation

News from Lynne Stewartwho wrote ‘Hi Joe we had 1174 birds away to Wakefield on the 25thMay with a 06-00 hour liberation: The birds were doing well over 1200 ypm andthe outright winner was 1 yard from making it a 1300 velocity with West CalderJohn Bird having a very good day being 1st 6th 7th& 9th open. Geordie Harris of Bonnybridge club is 2nd4th 5th 17th & 20th open. DougieBald of Balerno club is 3rd & 8th open. Ian Jamiesonof the same club is 10th open with East Calder Jimmy M Young in 11thopen followed by club mate John Jamieson who is 12th & 13thwith another club mates Burnside & Drysdale in 14th spot. Law& Brady of Bonnybridge are 15th with East Calder’s RobertAnderson in 16th spot. Colin Ross of Balerno club is 18th& 19th open. . Federation1174 Club Bird

Club Winners are as follows;

Balerno 157 birds; D Bald1265.862, 1244.458, I Jamieson 1240.395, C Ross 1213.997

Bonnybridge 288 birds; G Harris1293.203, 1256.822, 1256.666, Law & Brady 1223.952

Carnwath 146 birds; W Watson1107.743, McArdle & Thomson 1093.487, 1063.145, I Thomson 1058.503

East Calder 148 birds; J M Young1237.605, J Jamieson 1236.524, 1236.441, Burnside & Drysdale 1231.186

West Calder 138 birds; J Bird1299.092, 1249.463, 1248.875, 1240.950


News from Archie McIntyrewho writes ‘Hi Joe, hope you are keeping well. Please find attached 2 reportsfrom Ayrshire federation. I’m sorry these reports are coming together but overthe past few weeks, time has just been running away from me. My 1streport is from our Appleby race we were due to go to Ripon but our transporterbroke down and we ended up at Appleby for our 4th race of the seasonon the 11th May and it is turning out to be one of those seasonswhere nothing is going right with our transporter. Following the intermittentelectrical issues with the transporter and the cancelation of the Appleby 1race, on route to Ripon the driver was experiencing a grinding noise from theback end of the lorry. After stopping at a Motorway Service station on route,Kenny Young our driver met up Robert Baird the (North West driver/convoyer) andKenny and Ayrshire federation cannot thank Robert enough for his advice andhelp dealing with the lorry. It was agreed the lorry could not travel muchfurther so it was nursed to the nearest liberation site and this being Appleby.Our race controller Jim had the convoy of 1,320 birds up and away at 08-30 withno wind recorded at the race point which is between 94 miles up to 128 miles tothe top end of the federation.

Leading the way in thefederation this week and for the 2nd week on the trot and doing itin style with a 1st and 2nd federation win on 1290.9 and1278.0 is the inform partnership of Dunlop & Aitken of the Mauchline &District club flying 104 miles I have very little info on the winning pigeonsapart from both pigeons are Vandenabeele and are flying natural. Thanks to JohnWatters for info and picture. Next up on to the podium taking 3rd federationon 1273.5 for a distance of 95 miles is Jock MacKenzie of Cumnock flying withCumnock & Dist. Sire is a Herman Ceuster from Patrick McDonald of Glasgowwhen paired to a daughter of Jock’s top winning cock known as “4545” who haswon 10 x 1st clubs, 1st, 2nd federation and a 1st,2nd and 6th west coast combine. Thanks to JaniceMcDougall for the info and picture.

Winners from in and around the clubs;

North Section639 birds; 1stArdeer HS, Hutchinson & Tudhope 1253.5, 1st Darvel HS, Cowan& Findlay 1253.4, 1st Dalry HS, T Smith 1253.3, 1stKilwinning HS, J McNeil 1243.0:

Central Section294 birds; 1stIrvine HS, H Pollock 1268.2, 1st Kilmarnock Invitation R Young1262.8: 1st Crosshouse HS, A Wilson 1126.2.

South Section387 birds: 1stMauchline & District Dunlop & Aitken 1290.9, 1st Cumnock& District J MacKenzie 1273.5, 1st Whitletts & District WLawrence 1237.9, 1st Annbank & District K Harris 1083.8, 1stDalmellington PC G Mitchell 1141.9, 1st Carrick & District Jamieson& Cameron 1130.6.

After liberation therecovery services were called out and the transporter was recovered back toScotland to a local garage where it was established the diff had went in theback end. Ayrshire federation would like to thank Robert Baird the North Westdriver/convoyer for his assistance to our driver on the way down and forcalling back into Appleby after his liberation at Ripon to follow ourtransporter across to Penrith (where it was recovered from) and bring ourdriver and convoyer back up to Scotland where they met Ayrshire federation secretarywho transported him back to Ayrshire. For our 5th race of the season wewere due to go to Bubwith on the 18th May but due to the transporterbreaking down on route to Ripon the week before and only getting as far asAppleby, the top table decided the federation should go back to Ripon thisweek. With the transporter still in the garage, the federation had no optionsleft to them for this week’s race but to use the federation trailer that has acapacity of 1,000 birds. The Federation would like to thank Andy Barbour amember of Dalry HS for offering up his pickup to the federation to tow thetrailer to Ripon. This week saw our reserve race controller Alex Howie take chargefor the first time in liberating our convoy. Alex had the convoy of 964 birds,which was very close to capacity for the trailer; up and away at 08-45 into alight variable wind for a race of between 142 miles up to 179 miles to the topend of the federation. Leading the way in the federation this week taking 1stfed on a velocity of 1228.1 is John Donald of Ardeer HS. John’s wining pigeonwas a yearling hen now named ‘Beautiful Sunday’ and was sitting 12 days oneggs, she is mainly down from John’s Roland Janssen pigeons that he hadpurchased from Louella, with a couple of crosses of his own stuff and his latefriend ‘Tom Dunwoodie’. Its grandsireson both sides have had numerous winners including a federation winner. Thesepigeons have flow out as far as Ypres, with the sire of John’s winner being histimer from Ypres last year. The name ‘Beautiful Sunday’ came after the victoryof John’s beloved football team Kilmarnock beat Glasgow Rangers to ensure themEuropean football next year. John attended the game and afterwards camestraight to the club hut to find out he had won the club and indeed the federation;so a beautiful Sunday right enough. Thanks to Colin Nicol for the info andphoto. Next up on to the podium taking 2nd and 3rd federationon 1219.7 and 1219.4 for a distance of 143 miles is Jock Mackenzie of Cumnockflying with Cumnock & District club. Jock is flying well moving up 1 spotfrom his 3rd fed the previous week’s race. Sorry, but I do not haveany information on Jock’s two winning pigeons at time of writing this report.

Winners from inand around the clubs

North Section407 birds: 1stArdeer HS is J Donald 1228.1: 1st Darvel HS are Cowan & Findlay1199.7: 1st Dalry HS is R Reid 1194.2; and 1st KilwinningHS is J McNeil 1193.6.

Central Section264 birds; 1stIrvine HS is T Blakely 1199.9; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Young1190.9; 1st Crosshouse HS is I Noble 1187.9.

South Section293 birds; 1stCumnock & District is J MacKenzie1219.7; 1st Mauchline & District is J Watters 1194.3; 1stWhitletts & District is W Lawrence 1187.8; 1st Annbank &District is K Harris 1085.2; 1st Dalmellington PC is J Sloan 1017.6and 1st Carrick & District are Jamieson & Cameron 792.2. Ihave also attached 3 photographs Joe, One of the winners feature in the top 3in both these races; keep well Joe and many thanks once again Archie’.

Broxburn & Uphall RPC

News from Bernie Britton who writes ‘We had 6 members sending 256 birds to Newark on the 25thMay 2019 with a liberation at 06-00 hours into to a north to north west wind.Winning 1st club 9th federation is Hamish Ferguson flyinga blue bar cock on the roundabout system. His sire was bred by his good friendsG W & P Macaloney being a son of their ‘Dream Pair. The stock hen is from PageBrothers of Pickering bloodlines being ‘Gabby’. He had 2 races as a young birdand was 5th club last week; Hamish was also 15th & 16thfederation. In 2nd club 10th federation is Pat Rafferty &Sons flying a chequer pied hen also on roundabout this yearling is a LouellaVandy from D & J Hawkins and this hen won 10th club out of Otterburn.In 3rd club 11th federation is John McNeill flying a bluebar cock on roundabout he was a gift from his good mate Rab Walker from Rab’sold family. Gordon Mackenzie is 12th 18th & 19thfederation; once again many thanks Joe keep well yours Bernie’.

Bo’ness RPC

News from Martyn Brown whowrites; ‘Hi Joe, please find enclosed race report for the Wakefield race flown on17th May, due to very poor weather on the Saturday and Sunday thecorrect decision was made to pull the race forward 24 hours and basket Thursdaynight for a Friday race. Well done to the Central Federation and every other organisationthat saw sense and put the pigeon’s welfare first. The Central fed liberated1196 birds at 10-20am with 399 heading for the Bo’ness club into a north eastwind. The winning pigeon recording a velocity of 1275ypm and very deservedlytopping the central fed, was once again the loft of Andrew Brown making it 3club wins on the bounce and the 2nd week straight for GB18L18730 notan X was missed out on Andrews pool sheet on Thursday night at basketting, thecock is a Gust Janssen flown on the roundabout. In 2nd club and 6thfed recording a velocity of 1258ypm is Jim Smith of Polmont, his winning hen isflown on roundabout and her mother is a full sister to ‘Birthday Boy’ winner of4th open SNFC Buckingham. In 3rd club 7th federationrecording a velocity of 1256 once again is Jim Smith with another roundabouthen breeding is Busschaert on both sides. Well done once again to Andrew Brown winning3 weeks on the bounce is no easy achievement at any level in pigeon racing,just shows ‘Hard Work’ pays off.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen whoinforms us that they were at Newark with the convoy liberated at 06-15 hourswith no wind at the race point. Taking first open is Keith Howie of Prestonpansclub with a 2 year old Vandenabeele cock on roundabout with his bloodlines fromHawkins & Evans. Having another great race is John Bird who wins 2nd3rd 6th & 7th open. Jim McNeil of Tranentis another with a fantastic foursome winning 4th 8th 9th& 10th open. Completing the top ten in 5th open isformer SNFC Gold Cup winner George Veitch of East Salton.

Prestonpans Homing Society

The winner is Keith Howiewith a 2 year old Vandenabeele cock on roundabout bloodlines are Hawkins &Evans this cock was 1st club 3rd federation from WhitelyBay this season. 2nd & 3rd club is John Bird with hisfirst bird a 3 year old cock on roundabout, he was unraced last year throughinjury as a yearling he won 3rd club 3rd federationpositions. Sire was from Frans Laerman bloodlines; Dam contains the HermanCeuster bloodlines. John’s 3rd club is a 3 year old roundabout hen.Sire was a grandson of ‘Bit’s & Pieces’ dam was John’s great hen ‘Peg’winner of 2nd open SNFC Ypres. Thanks once again for including theabove into your weekly column yours Tom McEwen’.

Fife Federation

The federation of homing pigeon societies sent Wakefield race on the 25th May with 1706 birds liberated at 06-15 hours into a west wind.

Federation Top 10; 1st R Cunningham from Tayport on a velocity of 1379 2nd are Erskine & son of Novar 3rd place is R Anderson of St Andrews with Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes & Leslie in 4th & 5th places. D Baldie of St Andrews is 6th 9th & 10th with Honeyman & Son of Kennoway in 7th place their club mate Tam Gook is 8th open.

Centre section top 10; birdage being Glenrothes & Leslie club 97 birds, Novar 156 birds. First place goes to R Cunningham of Tayport with Erskine & son of Novar in 2nd place Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes & Leslie club is 3rd 4th 5th 6th & 7th with his near neighbour Turpie & McCord in 8th place the last 2 places are won by Sean Diamond of Kennoway club.

East Section top 10:

Kennoway 271 birds; Methilhaven 95 birds; St Andrews 151 birds; Tayport 49 birds; Leven 121 birds;

The winner is R Anderson of St Andrews with his club mate D Baldie is in 2nd & 5th positions. Honeyman & son of Kennoway are 3rd with Tam Cook of the same club in 4th David Brown of Leven is 6th with J Honeyman of Kennoway in 7th spot. John Harcus of St Andrews is 8th with Mook Honeyman of Kennoway in 9th place and making up the top 10 is Davie Jack of Tayport club.

West Section top 10;

Birdage are as follows; Crossgates 360 birds; Dunfermline 183 birds; Lochgelly 162 birds, Perth 70 birds. First 6th 7th & 10th places are won by Jock Brockie of Lochgelly club. Jock Hynd & son of Crossgates club are 2nd 3rd 4th 5th & 8th with C Wright of Lochgelly taking the 9th position.

Dunfermline LRPS news from David Kennedy who writes ‘Hi Joe, from the Wakefield old bird race we had 11 members sending 183 birds. First this week is Frank Mitchell with a velocity of 1242 ypm he timed a yearling roundabout hen bred down from Andrew Lawleys birds the bloodline being from M & D Evans. Second place goes to the partnership of Mick O’Reilly and Hamish Park they timed a 2 year old roundabout hen with a velocity of 1220 ypm. The bird was bred by fellow club mates Walker and David Kennedy Loft No2 and the bloodlines are a cross from Marshall & Smith from The Up North Combine and George Atkinson of Market Weighton. Third place goes to Frank Mitchell with a velocity of 1208 ypm. This 2 year old roundabout hen is again from the bloodlines of Andrew Lawley of Elson from his M & D Evans bloodlines. Mick and Hamish win this week nomination and also win the KO competition. The loft double is won by Frank Mitchell and Eddie McWilliams.

Grampian Combine

From the Newark race flown on the 25th of May 54 members sent 800 birds these were liberated at 06-45 hours into a North West wind. Taking the top spot with a velocity of 1354.45 is Billy McEwan of Dundee winning the Yearling Cup and he is also 5th 6th 7th 8th 10th 11th & 12th open great flying. Bruce McKenzie is 2nd with a velocity of 1354. 24 and he was flying 450 yards further, Bruce also won 19th & 20th open. Danny Henderson is 3rd (1353 velocity) and 24th open with Mark Young in 4th place doing a 1351 velocity. D & C McCleary are 9th with Forfar’s Ian Scott in 13th & 16th open. Another Forfar partnership of Macaulay Ferguson & Curran are 14th & 26th with last year’s SNFC Reims winner John Wiseman in 15th & 29th open. Davie Glen of Forfar is 17th 18th & 30th with the Dundee partnership of Murray and Ramsay in 21st open Jim McCafferty follows them with Forfar David J Liddle in 23rd place Stewart Davie of Dundee is 25th with Kenny Droog & son of Forfar in 27th place and Gordon Telfer makes up the top 30 by winning 28th open.

Traprain HomingSociety

News from John Baillie whowrites, ‘Hi Joe, Traprain members sent 421 birds to the Newark race with racecontroller John Parry having the birds away at 06-15am with no wind at the racepoint. Back to the winning position is Sinclair Thomson & son with ayearling, bred in Sinclair's stock loft from the best of Taylor Brother'sHerman Ceusters. In 2nd place is the partnership of Karen Newcombe& Ian Black, with their timer a 2 year old late bred which was 13thopen Billericay with the SNRPC. On the sires side is Phil Bond ‘Gribbles Choice’and ‘Kardale Style’ and ‘Lothian Lass’. While on the dams side is G & CCooper's ‘Farmer Jack’ and R Meirlaen lines. Strange race Joe with quite a fewbirds missing on the Saturday night but a few working home on the Sunday. Manythanks once again Joe yours John B’.

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller withthe Newark result, a distance of 210-222 miles for the members with 13 clubssending 2069 birds. Race controller and federation president Tony Young gavethe go ahead to liberate the convoy with virtually no wind at the race point.Winning 1st New Lothian and Federation is the aforementioned Tonyhimself, who timed his yearling widowhood cock doing a velocity of 1365 bred byTony’s mate Mick Shanley from Lemington in Newcastle and is of the Heinz 57variety. This pigeon was also a handy youngster last season scoring a few timesfor Tony. D & J Allen of Woodburnclub are 2nd (1364 velocity) 3rd & 9thopen with club mates Brown & Black in 4th & 8thplaces. F Robertson of Danderhall is 5th & 6th withclub mates Willie Kinnear & son in 7th spot. Willie Pryde &son John of Arniston are 10th open.

Club winners are as follows;

Danderhall 539 birds; Young 1365 F. Robertson1357 F. Robertson 1356

Woodburn 81 birds; Allen 1364 Allen 1362.7Brown & Black 1362.4

Arniston 215 birds; W Pryde & Son 13421341 & 1322

EdinburghPremier 134 birds;Gilchrist 1338 1319 &1315

Sighthill 103 birds; Miller 1336 Girdwood 1321.15 Girdwood1321.10

Castlebrae 59 birds; L. Mitchell 1319 Willis1312 A Mitchell 1310

Bonnyrigg 141 birds; Smith 1305 Simpson 1293Stark & Benson 1289

Easthouses 124 birds; G. Thomas 1302 Lang 1275Sanderson 1231

Rosewell 59 birds; Mackie 1294 G. Tytler 1239Mackie 1226

Edinburgh West55 birds; Lamb 1288 Lamb 1266 Smith1225

Loanhead 38 birds; Murray 1124 Williamson1119 Anderson 1084

New Lothian 31 birds;

Traprain 421 birds; Thomson 1362 Newcombe& Black 1360 McLeod 1358

Others 47 birds;

The New LothianRPC

Had 56 members sending 1302birds; with the winner Tony Young of Danderhall club who timed in a yearlingcock (see above Pentland Hills report) to win £168-90 for his efforts. D &J Allen of Woodburn are 2nd 3rd & 9thwinning £261 for their efforts. 4th & 8th are Brown& Black of the same Woodburn club with F Robertson of Danderhall in 5th& 6th places. Willie Kinnear & son of the same Danderhallclub are 7th with Willie Pryde & son John from Arniston winning 10th& 11th open accomplishing £348-70 for their efforts.

North ofScotland Federation

News from George Duthiewith news of the Alnwick old bird result flown on 25th May were 77 memberssent 1302 birds with the east section 35 members sending 674 birds these wereliberated into a light north wind. Theeast section members took the first 18 open positions with the only westsection winner making the top 20 in the open is G Wilson of Devern Valley in 19thopen position. Taking the first 3 places plus 6th open is A W Buchanof Fraserburgh & District club with the first 3 yearlings. Ian Gibb of the same club is 4th 5th11th & 12th open with G Findlay of Peterhead &District in 7th & 8th positions. R H Whyte of thesame Peterhead club is 9th & 10th open with R Barclayof Fraserburgh West End club in 13th spot. Stuart Maskame ofPeterhead is 14th with his club mate Chris Donaldson taking the next3 positions. Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 18th withG Findlay of Peterhead and District in 20th open. The west section had 42 members sending 628birds with G Wilson of Devern Valley in 1st 8th & 9thwest section 19th 38th & 39th places. A JReid of Keith club is 2nd 3rd 4th 6th& 7th west section 29th 31st 34th36th & 37th open. J Abel of Devern Valley is 5thwest section 35th open and R Wilson from Keith club makes up the top10 in the west section and also wins 40th open.

Clubs FirstBird

A W Buchan of Fraserburgh &District; G Findlay of Peterhead & District; R Barclay of Fraserburgh WestEnd; G Wilson of Devern Valley; Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie; A J Reid ofKeith; B & N Hadden of Elgin & District; R Bain of Buckie &District; B Stewart of Forres, Nairn & Inverurie. Well done to A W Buchanon topping the federation and to G Wilson on winning the West Section.

Joe’s Joke

A youngcouple were watching every penny. ‘Can we afford this cake? The husband askedone evening. ‘Sure –it’s a sponge cake’ said his wife. ‘I sponged the eggs fromMrs Brown, the flour from Mrs Smith and the milk from Mrs Jones’.

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