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The Joe Murphy Column 7/2/19

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Posted 7 February 2019 - 20:20 PM

The Joe Murphy Column

Have struggled to find time to do an article this week, as I’ve spent quite a lot of time in the loft letting the pairs out of their boxes one couple at a time, and I ’m lucky that I can use the aviary for one pair and the loft for another. I had my first eggs on the 20th January so the season now begins in earnest for me and I hope there are some winners bred in 2019. Some of these will be moved to Kevin’s and will be reared by the racers. While on about this year’s youngsters I received the following email from Kenny Droog of Forfar the Angus federation secretary.

SNFC Young Bird Sales

Hi Joe, I hope you are keeping well and I would love your support, I was against putting up the long distance races but could not stop it this year, however if these sales go well I fully expect to drop each race by at least £2 for next year.

Just a quick note as you may know I organising a Breeder Buyer with the SNFC to bring down the birdage in the 3 longest races, there will be sales at Newbridge; Forfar and possibly Airdrie depending on the numbers of birds donated. All birds will fly in their own section to make things fair, sale date is 14th April although if birds are not ready as long as we have details as not everyone will have their birds ready. Several fanciers up here are putting a bird down to Newbridge to have more chance of winning. The breeder buyer sale birds will race in 2 years’ time from the Gold Cup race, with ALL birds flying into their own sections and all monies will be divided into their own section, so if section C birds raise£2000 40% will go to SNFC to bring the 3 longest races birdage down, and the rest of the money will be split between the Breeder/Buyer. Depending on monies raised this will influence prizes, so in this example, we would have £1200 to split £400 each for breeder/buyer and £200 to each runner up. In the unlucky event of only one bird arriving home it would take all the monies, the other good thing you only need to time your bird in race time to win a big prize. However if some sections fail to have a winner, then those birds timed in will share that money. Many fanciers are putting in 2 young birds; splitting them to different venues,someone asked what would happen if a young bird dies after the sale, if we can get a replacement we will, but failing that, the fancier can put the ring on one of his own bred birds, it seems the fairest way but we would need to seethe ring. I forgot to say our opening bid is £40.00, remembering you can breed from the bird as a yearling and 2 year old before it goes to the Gold Cup race. Some fanciers have expressed their thoughts that some fanciers would only want these well-bred pigeons for their bloodlines and not race them, whereas I’m hoping these birds will be raced and the above proves fanciers can do both. We will issue a list of birds at the venues the week before the sale and I am hoping to have 3 sale venues, but at the moment I have already 2 booked of these; Newbridge Bowling Club and Canmore Bowling Club in Forfar for the 14th of April, with hopefully a venue in the Airdrie area. We have been given birds from fanciers out with Scotland, and any fanciers in the UK who would like to enter can contact me by email or phone, my details are as follows; my mobile is 07488 345085 and my email is kenneth. droog@sky.com Cheers Joe and many thanks yours Ken’.

GoodSNFC Birds

This week I cover Charlie& Glen Cameron of Arbroath who fly in the Angus federation; the partnership had a great year in 2018 winning 2nd open in 2 national races. They have a chequer pied hen SU16AF261 who has won 3 times in the SNFC with her first win in 2017 from Bedhampton a distance of 401 miles and she won 63rd section C 230th open from an entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members. In 2018 she won twice with the first being from Buckingham a distance of 323 miles when she won 24th section C 190th open from an entry of 2941 birds entered by 441 members. She then went to Maidstone a distance of 393 miles and she won 44th section C 110th open competing against 3001 birds recorded by 444 members. Charlie and Glen also have a blue cock SU16AF238 who also competed from Bedhampton in 2017 and won 576 open but no section prize. In 2018 he was entered into the Buckingham race and won 80th section C but no open prise card he was then sent to Ypres a distance of 455 miles and he won 4th section C 9th open from an entry of 2541 birds selected by 433 members.

This week’s birds photos
Attached File  Lady Flo.jpg (380.86K)
Number of downloads: 13

Attached File  Centenary Lad.jpg (393.33K)
Number of downloads: 15
Attached File  Valeview Rita.jpg (514.32K)
Number of downloads: 12

I start with blue pied hen‘Lady Flo’bred and raced by J & C O’Hara of Fauldhouse she won 1st section D 6th open SNFC Reims on the 6th July 2018 competing against 382 birds sent b 129 members and she recorded a velocity of 946. My next bird is ‘Centenary Lad’ bred and raced by Hugh Wallace of Newmilns in Ayrshire he competed in the SNFC Ypres race with 433 members sending 2541 birds. He won 1st federation 1st section H 1st west region 72nd open flying a distance of 445 miles and record a velocity of 1220. My next pigeon is a blue hen ‘Valeview Rita’ bred by W Mitchell & son and raced by S Jones& son of Dumbarton. In the Liege Gold Cup race 327 members sent 1072 birds and ‘Valeview Rita’ won 1st section F 30th open flying 555 miles and recorded a velocity of 787: my thanks to Jim Hannah for the above 3 photographs.


The guy is very ill. The doctor checks him over and says, “I'm Sorry, I have some bad news, you have Yellow 24, a really nasty virus. It's called Yellow 24,because it turns your blood yellow and you usually only have 24 hours to live. There's no known cure, so just go home and enjoy your final precious moments on earth.”

So he trudges home to his wife and breaks the bad news. Distraught, she asks him togo to the bingo with her that evening as he's never been there with her before.

They arrive at the bingo and with his first card he gets four corners and wins £50.

Then,with the same card, he gets a line and wins £350. Then he gets the full house and wins £1000. Then the National Game comes up and he wins that as well -winning £400,000! The bingo caller gets him up on stage and says, “Son, I've been here 20 years and I've never seen anyone win four corners, a line, the full house and the National Game on the same card. You must be the luckiest man on Earth!”

“Lucky?”the bloke screams, “Lucky? I'll have you know I've got Yellow 24.”

“Well,bugger me!” says the bingo caller, “You've won the raffle as well!”

Please continueto keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum AvenueThornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email tojoejmurphy1@gmail.com REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or you can also view onlineeditions on: www.elimarpigeons.com www.fancierchat.co.ukwww.pigeon-chat.co.uk - www.Pigeonbasics.com - Pigeon Racing the Basics! - thecanadianpigeoninternational.com www.internationalracingpigeon.com or


Who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeontopics from Scotland

©Compiled by Joe Murphy




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