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Arona Olr


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They must have put up about 2900 birds approx if 600 is 18% or there about.




where did I say that


I said they are only up to 18 miles and have lost over 600 birds already,

the 18% was the birds they lost since the 1st trainer but if you include the

original entry it is well over 20%

im told they had 4000 registered birds in the loft

after Saturdays race they have 3015


but between 80 and 100 unactivated birds were removed

the race is in TENERIEIF

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I suppose that's the trouble with one loft races to many birds'... YUK

There we go again! The non-sensible ruse that that has no bearing whatsoever. A fallacy and 'Lame crutch'! More or less spouted when a ' there is no reasoning of why!

Now overused with glib tongue because it is easy and 'ONE' has heard it so often it must be true.

The real myth is how it ever took hold, let alone believed.

Pigeon LOVE company. They are gregarious, and it is why to thrive on it. Also, the need for a pecking order that keeps it naturally fit and in good condition.

Gregarious mean (of animals) living in flocks or loosely organised communities. "gregarious species forage in flocks from colonies or roosts.'

It is sociable · social · company-loving · companionable · convivial · clubbable · outgoing · friendly · affable · amiable · genial · congenial · cordial · hospitable · neighbourly ·

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it doesn't matter which way you look at it there's for to many birds in one loft or space , to be looked after and trained properly , there's no doubt that there's birds from some of the best lofts world wide but there's some thing getting sadly over looked because these sort of losses happen year in year out and there's nothing getting done to put it right , podgy

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You know, though not practical, the law regarding pigeons in an area that is satisfactory regards health and needs is Length x width x height. so 8 x 6 x 7 = 330. They'd have to be in wire cages lol. But seriously how many rooks / pigeons can the top of a tree take to be healthy? Air is free too. Many say if you have say 60 perches than 40 birds would be enough.

Gosh I had 20 pairs nesting in a 6 x 5 and all healthy and in great condition.

Never yet seen pigeons nest far from one another, and they return every day. Indeed never seen them move on … only the youngsters! But then that is natures way of stopping incest and to close breeding which is hammering the very basic of the pigeons elements that make it what we admire and want.

Now that in it's self is the main reason for the vast losses... The homing ability is shot to pieces. Yes incest for the blood... Out cross for the vigour. 90% haven't the foggiest, that for sure and proven. they read about father screwing daughters etc. Then think I must have some of that for my birds! Then they buy some pigeons at the highest prices that they can afford and breed culls. Then mate culls to culls because that paid good money for them... gesese they wonder why Culls are sent each week as fodder to bolster the coffers for better bred and wiser fanciers that fed them the garbage. Every so often they get a card and say … I'm unlucky .. but wait and see. I will come good... Next season they do the same again. After proven results dictate that it's pie in the sky and DOESN'T work … Arrr, but I try it again this season... it must come good because I paid 200 quiddies for them … probably bought from an unscrupulous 'name' sell youngsters whose parents are culls and probably never beat much in their own loft … well a few other culls.

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