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  1. This person should be ashamed of the way he has ripped off fellow members,for gods sake do the right thing and return the manâ€s birds

  2. Hi Duncan, Been looking at met office forecast for weather at Coldstream over Friday,Saturday and Sunday,and Friday definitely the best day of the three. Saturday showing overcast for most of the day. Just my opinion Willie Mclaren
  3. dumyat

    Black W/f

    Alan,your pm box appears to be full
  4. dumyat


    Oh you were! Good night!
  5. dumyat


    You seem to be implying that I know something you do not,a private message to a fellow member is just what it says on the tin “Private†I do not know the answer to subject you are trying to raise and suggest you might raise the question with any fellow members who might be in a better position to answer it,than myself
  6. dumyat


    What secret? You not allowed to make contact with another member you have lost touch with?
  7. dumyat


    Peter pm sent
  8. North west fed at Ripon this week,what is the ring number of the bird?
  9. SU19NE4704. Mealy
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