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    Arie Vissers

    Hi Colum , The best hen we had was a grand daughter of the oude rode and the 702 she bred Chanel winners with several different cocks Jorden Bros in the North had them also a man called Douglas Grimson fom down near clonmel had several direct i made a few enquiries about him for you but unfortunatly he has moved to australia.If i get any info i will pass it on to you. Jimmy
  2. jimmy hamilton

    Arie Vissers

    We raced Arie Visser pigeons back in the eighties we raced raced them on the north road out to Perth 310 miles .We had them direct from Arrie Vissers the best ones we had were down from the old rooddie a red cock and if my memory serves me well his hen was a check the 601 i think that these were the base pair for Arrie.They flew very well for us winning many races on the north road.I have been out of pigeons from 1993 only got back in 2005 so unfortunately i have no idea where there are any at present. Jimmy
  3. Hand full of hemp and linseed into the feed during the moult never done ours any harm and the feathers are like silk jmo. Jimmy
  4. HI showman i remember this product well and i used it many times years back,the nearest thing that i have seen to it is a simple mix that you make up yourself and that works very well.You crush one mothball and add to one pint of hot water and stir to dissolve you then add this to one gallon of water and a teaspoon of baby shampoo dip your birds and you will see it really soaks through and you need to put them into the loft or aviary as it takes forever for them to dry but you will see some shine of them in a couple of days and no mites or lice for months.I think i read about this dip in Bilco's pigeon gas.Hopes this helps Jimmy
  5. We have vaccinated our ybirds for the last few years and our widow cocks before the racing season not because we have ever had paratyphoid diagnosed but because we know that our birds may meet this in the race panniers and the should have a stronger immunity against it after vaccination so there fore it is one less disease that we have to worry about.This year we used chevivac live vaccine and all birds were fine after vaccine no problems.We prefer to use live vaccine because it only requires one jab and also we think that it gives better protection.Our ybirds did get ybs this year but it wasn't bad and was gone after a few days.I know of several lofts in our area that suffer with paratyphoid and they constantly use antibiotics to try and control it and they also suffer heavy ybird losses .We don't loose many ybirds and we will continue to vaccinate our birds every year as we would prefer to vaccinate rather than use antibiotics on a regular basis. Jimmy
  6. We use moxidectin its brilliant kills all mites and hair worms roundworms etc,also it seems to give the Birds a lift during racing.Since we began using it we never have lice on our birds even though the lice doesnt live on the birds blood the moxi still kills them. Jimmy.
  7. I would say Fenech bros London Steven and bob Jimmy
  8. I live in southern Ireland and we had a person using an area not to far from where i live to hack out falcons ,he no longer finds this practice successful in this area .I have been told that there is a person that has moved over from England and he intends to hack out falcons not to far from wexford i looked into this and sure enough he is where i was told but he only has a bird of prey centre we will have to keep an eye on things. Jimmy.
  9. Looking around myself everything seems to be about selling . Jimmy
  10. Came in today in southern Ireland . Jimmy ph 087 9164375
  11. Bobs winner was 100% Cooreman Stevens were from his Denis Sapin pigeons .Nice flying 180 miles into a head wind. Jimmy
  12. Congrates on your win Rich delighted for you Jimmy.
  13. Congratulations to Robert Fenech and son on topping the Essex and Kent Combine from Rippon also to Steven Fenech who was joint second open .The Fenech bros had a fantastic race having 9 in the first 20 open great flying into a headwind well done . Jimmy and Richard .
  14. Well done Bombers Bullets Jimmy and Richard
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