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  1. North Shields Hs sec mr l Robertson 01912963288 Medowell hs mr s Griffiths 07803394834 North Shields
  2. No sooner said and hailstones started .
  3. 🌞WDA at Leicester
  4. 10 .30 ish in the north east . https://ibb.co/4ZWnn93 https://ibb.co/t2Z2c9L https://ibb.co/Z8jgx9m
  5. WDA basketing today for Maidstone ,hope to lib Sunday
  6. Great morning in the north east suns been out all morning took a couple of pics at 10:50 ,hope they open up for you as friend using a smart tv said he couldn’t open them up off my local result site. https://ibb.co/jT6MdFd https://ibb.co/RzNXVhD https://ibb.co/sP5sykD
  7. 3pm still the same ! 3:30 itv telly racing newcastle
  8. 1pm drizzling and fog dropped in again.
  9. 12.00 noon rain stopped and fog starting to lift seems brighter.
  10. https://ibb.co/fkJ9bCt https://ibb.co/W3D2mFC https://ibb.co/JC3Fb6r https://ibb.co/SN2Hb1B Well lads 11.30 in the north east and it’s wet ,foggy and definitely not pigeon racing weather but if it changes as forcast I will let you know.
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