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  1. Big well done Andy Dr
  2. Thanks for the kind comments, this must be one of the worst Inland races I've experienced I had seven on the day from 33 and another 7 yesterday my second bird from the race went as at trainer as the ring wouldn't register at marking.Cant see big entries for the rest of the National races
  3. Yes Wattie it's time for the members to get their club back to what it should be.
  4. Yes it was good forward thinking but extremely disappointed that the committee opted for one in favour of Inland races after all it is a long distance club but looks like it's being turned into a sprint club.
  5. Rebus


    Well done Andy great performance.
  6. Rebus


    Well done they have done exceptionally well in the SNFC races the last few years.
  7. Can anybody in the Ripon area collect a stray pigeon from a lady none fancier and possibly get it to the stray centre at Whitby she is from Riverlodge Fisher Green Ripon HG41NL
  8. You are right Davy I haven't missed a National race for years but I'm seriously considering boycotting the old bird Inland races as I don't consider them Nationals
  9. Doesn't look like anybody Will be going to France, we could stop going to the coast as you know it's polluted with peregrine's
  10. NFC flew it I'm sure it was 1982 and had a perfectly good race. It's obvious you don't want it but don't keep it from the distance minded fanciers.
  11. Guernsey was a race point years ago and never had the problem you describe
  12. You are spot on Andy it's time we were doing something about it. CFR
  13. what race points are not over populated with peregrine's especially those on the south coast of Britain.
  14. That's right but they should have went along with their plan to have two Guernsey's,I usually support the National on most of their decisions but feel badly let down this time.
  15. The cost shouldn't come into it the the club benefits from the sales at the end of the season mostly from long distance bred young bird's if they continue with race programs like this the sales will suffer
  16. agree Derek looks like they are trying to turn it into a sprint/middle distance club
  17. Forgot to add the loft was slightly south of Abington
  18. I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south I can remember it and I'm sure the name was Montgomery the loft was on the right side the old A74 heading south
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