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  1. My lad buys me it every year and one year when I opened it some one had scribbled inside it with a pen. I didn't like saying anything so ignored it then he said aren't you going to read that, it said Best wishes Duncan Ferguson.
  2. Glad to see you're on the mend Lindsay, all the very best.
  3. Full cloud cover here and a cool sse wind.
  4. How's the moult going with your birds? I never raced young birds so most are on their last or next to and have cleaned up in the body. I split the old birds in July so they are well on too. They're getting 50/50 Multi Task/Moulting Mix at just over 1oz (30gms) a day and are exercised once a day. Once a week a multi vit and all in one grit, what's everyone else doing?.
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