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  1. Hallo all thanks for your help i will send him a letter
  2. Hallo again i have bougth two hens from him the two hens have race good on Sevilla Pigeon Race i will like write to him but can not find his mail
  3. Hallo are there somone who know the loft Safet Duran
  4. Hallo Is there someone here on pigeonbasic there have old clocks or other old pigeon things Trey dont use anymore
  5. forgot to write my ardess Mr Jacob Ullits skalhuse 33 9240 Nibe Denmark i hope there is some fancier who will help me with old clocks
  6. ullitspigeon

    Old Clocks

    Hallo Anyone my name is Jacob Ullits i have started a museum about racing pigeons i looking after all there have somethings to do with racing pigeons i need some old clocks is there some fancier who have old clocks some trey dont use any more will i be happy if i can get them to my museum i pay offcourse the shipment to Denmark
  7. is There someone who have Fabrys ardess in liege
  8. thanks for all reply are there someone who has some books for sale so will i like buy them
  9. Hallo anyone is there someone here on pigeonbasic there have heard about a book called scotlands own is there someone who can help me with a picture of the book
  10. Hallo anyone are there still some in UK who race with busshaerts when i started with racing pigeons when i was seven now are i am almost (30) got i two hens from Uk trey breed some top racers for me on the distance races are there someone where i can buy some busschaert youngster in the spring i can self find the transport to Denmark
  11. its because i collect on pigeon clocks my Question is which metal is the clock made in is it the chrome metal
  12. I've got a toulet clock from 1900 I have a question what is it for a metal the clock is manufactured in hope you will help answer the question
  13. Hallo i have got this pigeon can anyone help me to contact the owner of the pigeon the pigeon is a red cock i have try to let then go 4 times but then come back to me the ring number is NEHU-11-NEC-910 my E-mail is JacobUllits@hotmail.com the pigeon is in denmark
  14. i have got NEHU 10-NY-1911 of a fisher who own this pigeons
  15. Hallo me and my father shall to England we will like vist some lofts some have won two day races are there somebody there will help us to make some loftvist we shall to England in next month regards Jacob And Jens E-mail JacobUllits@yahoo.dk
  16. Who ownede this pigeon GB 09-Z-45284 i have got then of a fisher the pigeons has it good regards Jacob Ullits Denmark
  17. hallo who is the owner of this pigeon WHU 09-C-05504 i have got then of a fisherman is there anyone who will help me find the owner regards Jacob Ullits
  18. Hallo are there someone some will tell me what Eyesign is what can fancier see in the eyes i will like learen arbout the eyesign i will be happy if there is a fancier some will tell me what eyesign is regards Jacob Ullits Denmark
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