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  1. Nice morning and lovely afternoon in Belfast.no rain all day.
  2. political correctness gone mad.
  3. I,m thinking of NOT treating my birds at all next year,i was just wondering if its a bad idea or not.going by the above replies I think I might just do it.thanks for the replies everyone.
  4. I was just wondering,is there anyone who doesn't treat their birds at all,even preventive, Just food & water,Grir & Minerals & a clean loft.and if so do you have any sickness at all in your birds,and do you win Races?
  5. no Ulster flag either.in the Emoticons i mean.
  6. Ulsterman

    Feeding Method

    bamfords cool racer fast fancy exstreame energy. thats a long name,should there not be a coma or two in there somewhere.
  7. yes your probably right,will do that tomorrow,. atb.
  8. thanks for the advice lads, i opened the shed door this afternoon to let them out for exercise,the past few days this bird hasnt gobne out wth them but today to my surprise it did go out and flew around with them for a while though it was first to land. i gave it an appertex tab for Coccidiosis 2 days ago maybe this helped and just to be on the safe side i gave it a 1/4 flagyl tab today. will keep an eye on it for the next few days. oh and no corn on his perch this morning at all,and just a few pieces of corn yesterday morning,the few morninngs before that there was a lot of corn.so heres hoping. thanks again.
  9. hi, one of my 2010 cocks has been throwing up corn during the night,its on his perch in the mornings, theres also slimey very dark green droppings,hes started to lose weight as well although hes still eating,sitting haunched up all day. any ideas?
  10. The above young bird late bred, GB 10 F 43975 blue w/f ,lifted for just the 2nd time on Saturday morning and never came back, ive waited to see if someone would phone me as it has a telephone number ring on but have heard nothing. i would like it back. thanks.
  11. could someone tell me the date of the blackpool show please? thanks.
  12. greenlands I've ordered 40.Is it correct that the RPRA rings are to be issued late December ? Lindsay. How do i go about ordering direct from the RPRA?
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