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  1. £7 for 30 kilos down here
  2. has not set their status

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    hey kyleakn lofts you tell them the benefits it gives the young birds I hate typing
  4. mosslands1


    you are all behind the times u need to be using rabbit pellets 19% protein you can check the other ingredients on the net before you all say iam hopping mad try them I give about 5% to my mix
  5. you can buy a gadget from the poultry shops that you hold over the eggs and it tells you weather its a cock or hen I belive a gold ring on a piece of string also works hold ring over egg it will either go round and round or sway from side to side cant remember which is which
  6. why worry where the pad is as when you get your loft location pricked on a map they only guarantee to be within 80 feet . get your mobile and check your loft location mine is 100 yards out whats everyones elses
  7. ive got my ETS attached to a drone iam trying to perfect it so I can meet them on route lol
  8. it looks like a hen to me
  9. in today PL 0134 10 6827 SHROPSHIRE
  10. GB 13 R 31260 grizzle cock no wing stampany body got a number ???
  11. sorry it should say NEHU 2013 X 0867
  12. GB 2013 X 0867 any one know who this bird belongs to
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    why do you take the ETS ring off and put it on his box ???? sounds like you've got a screw loose or something similar lololo
  14. it could be one of thousands of reasons ?? ive been trying to work out why some of my young birds on the dark moult just like natural birds and there brothers and sisters from the same nest and in same compartment food ect dont moult ????? by the way the ones that do moult perform just the same as the ones that dont
  15. blue peas by me andy £7-50 for a bag 3/4 cwt
  16. hiya glassfeather what is the multi coloured windmill for
  17. if your birds are moulting as they should you should just be able to see like a tide mark it starts around the nose then you see it going down the neck then on to the body you should have to look very hard to see it if you can see them moulting all ragged they are having a bad moult you dont see many wild birds with feathers missing ?? i think the better the moult the better the bird all my best birds look great all year round
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    just in gb2012 N 88086 IN SHROPSHIRE 01948 880561
  19. the shropshire fed is 60 miles long and 100 miles wide it starts in the south at hereford to whitchurch in the north and aberystwyth in the west to telford in the east its like flying a national every week lol
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    anyone got a link to watch the fight
  21. thanks for the replies . i would like a screensaver with the pigeons coming from a race with their wings tucked back say four birds one big picture on the bottom right and the other three following if thats possible. when i bought my computer from dell they asked me what was its main use? i said my pigeons and they installed birds for my screensaver but they look like doves not racers hence the change thanks again
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