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  1. J.Cowie Trophy (Avg 1st 6 o/b Races ) – A.Rae  1328.29

    G. Kilgour Trophy ( Avg 7&8 o/b Races ) –A.Rae1055.

    Dove Trophy (Maidstone ) – A.Rae  978.61

    Aberdeen Council Trophy ( Maidstone ) A.Rae  978.61

    R Mackenzie Trophy(3Longest Inland o/b) A.Rae 1104.4  

    R.Jopp  Trophy -  (1st Aberdeen SNFC y/b) A.Rae 851.85

    Inland Average – A.Rae 1181.78

    Young Bird Average – A.Williamson  1408.75

    A.Spence Trophy(2 Longest y/b) A.Bota  1465.38

    Aberdeen Charity(Most Points) M.Main 657 Points

  2. 19 minutes ago, Avyy&Costy said:

    What a cracker season. Good luck to all of you. We sent 8 hope they will be ok with this weather forecast ehh. Thank you to the Section G for all the support and boarding the birds successfully. Well done :peace-sign-258:

    Good luck Avyy in your first y/bird National race, good turn out as well for the North with over 300 birds. And good luck to everyone else competing.

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