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  1. Then you can't have had any paratyphoid carriers. If you have carriers and don't treat before you jab you can expect major vaccination reactions with heavy losses.
  2. Mature same as any other pigeon, parenting skills probably depends on the strain, usually fine though. Need to be careful with the diet mind, too much good grub and protein and the cocks will start driving again far too soon. Flown in pairs or three's, they're best described as hard to train but very easy to lose! That said, once you've seen a really good flight, when they climb into the pins in about 5 minutes and come screaming back down in about 5 seconds they make all other pigeons seem pretty dull.
  3. hi there, still waitng on some test results from the vet but i have a lame hen with i suspect paratyphoid. I've read the sticky but wanted to know peoples experiences with vaccinating, as it looks like i'll be treating the whole loft pretty soon. For those who vaccinate which one do you use? plus where do you buy it from? I've read about a pretreatment with baytril before vaccinating but for how long and what dosage, plus what percentage baytril? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. are you a heavy cannabis user? talk about paranoid! what protectionist people? do they protect bacteria now? or am i being naive and missing something? i may be new here but you got to start somewhere. i just wanted some advice and input from people with far more experience than me.
  5. thanks mate, real helpful!
  6. the sample was checked by the pigeon heath people at uk animals products ltd, i guess it's a pretty basic test. the guy that i spoke to reccomended protril to solve it. however this is lactose based and whilst useful with para is likely to make problems much worse with e.coli. will be speaking to my vet asap to get some antibiotics. the couple of birds concerned are all old birds so i doubt ybs is involved, although i presume an ongoing virus could drop their immune systems making them more susceptible to bacterial infections none of them are vomiting.
  7. thanks for the replies the sample was checked by the pigeon health people, no mention of the specific strain of e.coli. none of the affected birds (4 out of 35) are at deaths door, but are significantly underweight despite a reasonable appetite. they are just rather light and lack lustre.
  8. hi there, would be grateful to hear peoples views on this. we have a few birds that are underweight and lethargic, when worming failed to make any difference i had some samples checked. apparently they have e.coli.i was reccomended to try some protril, is this going to do any good? according to the label it contains lactose but after doing a bit of reading tonight (www.albertaclassic.net/chalmers1.php) i found e.coli actually seem to like it! what does everyone use for e.coli problems?
  9. hi, new to this forum. does anyone know what documentation is needed to bring birds in from europe? any help would be appreciated.
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